Manila International Auto Show 2010

Manila Autoshow 003

I had the lazies to upload the pics from this car show. Anyway, I remember that was a long day for me as I had to go to Megamall in the early afternoon to pick up my Keroro Gunsou goods, went back home to drop off the goods, and then headed to Philippine World Trade Center where the car show was held. It was a terribly hot day, so I was already tired before I got home. But because Marco was already in the car show event and I wouldn’t want to miss the girls and cars, I didn’t bother to rest. I had two cameras ready and went to the venue with my brother.

Before we actually got in the show area, we were welcomed by these ladies.

Autoshow Diana Mini 002
One or two looked familiar

The Vespas were the first that got my attention when we got inside.

Autoshow Diana Mini 003 Autoshow Diana Mini 004
Yep, I’m into them but not motorcycles in general.

Vespa’s World War II models are awesome especially those used by the Germans with a passenger cart (I dunno what that’s called). I so want, but I doubt I’ll be able to have one of those. I’ll just aim to have any authentic Vespa before I die. πŸ˜›

(Squeezing in a digital shot…)

Manila Autoshow 2010 005
I’d like to wear a short pleated skirt while I ride on one of these. XD;

The Manila Autoshow 2010 is the biggest car show I’ve been to. In the first area, these are the sort of cars you’ll see:

Autoshow Diana Mini 005
I hoped it transforms.
Autoshow Diana Mini 012

Autoshow Diana Mini 014

Autoshow Diana Mini 017

Autoshow Diana Mini 019

Autoshow Diana Mini 020

Autoshow Diana Mini 022

Autoshow Diana Mini 023
One of my future car options
Autoshow Diana Mini 025

I also must own a Jaguar before I die. =_=

Manila Autoshow 001

Manila Autoshow 006

In the next and last area, things get green…

Manila Autoshow 007

That’s not bad, but only out of place. ^^;;; There were more cars, but mostly pimped/semi-pimped classics.

Manila Autoshow 008

Manila Autoshow 009

Manila Autoshow 010

Manila Autoshow 011

Manila Autoshow 012

Manila Autoshow 013
Some cars can make me cry by merely looking at them T_T
Manila Autoshow 016

I would have taken pics of each car there. What kept me from doing so were the people and kids running around. I wanted to take a picture of a car hood when some kid ran in front of me and posed. I wasn’t in the best mood, so I kinda terrorized the kid.

Autoshow Diana Mini 007
Autoshow Diana Mini 011
Jahziel and Jem
Autoshow Diana Mini 013
Too bad I don’t know her name. I like her πŸ˜€
Manila Autoshow 004
Hurts the eyes, I know. =_=
Manila Autoshow 005
This is better. πŸ™‚

I was so tired and hungry, so we decided to have light dinner at Pier One right across PWTC. This was parked there:

Manila Autoshow 017
Sooo sweet!

I wasn’t very satisfied with the event, but my day felt complete when I saw that car. πŸ˜€


    • Shabby

      … She doesn’t look like a dude! She gives the biatchy vibe which makes me like her, but I get the feeling she’s fun to hang out with. πŸ˜€ I gotta keep going to car shows to look for her. Hahaha~

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