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Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

20120129_171808 Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Bear x To-Fu Oyako

I bought the Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako early this year. I meant to have only Yotsuba, but I couldn’t resist GloomyxTo-Fu Oyako. πŸ˜†

Yotsuba @Summer Vacation

20120129_154203 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_154748 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_154615 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

Yotsuba Summer Vacation version comes with more parts compared to the first/regular release and without similar ones either except Yotsuba herself. LOL! Summer Vacation Yotsuba comes with four face expressions, five pairs of hands, bug catcher, fisherman’s hat, shoulder bag, ice cream popsicle, critter cage, and the figure stand.

20120129_154844 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_155545 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation
Even if you’re cute, Yotsuba, uhmm… No.

I looked at cicada photos and, man, they look big and scary.

Yotsuba in “Action”

It was so hot outside, but the perfect time for a toy shoot.

20120129_164518 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_165236 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_171103 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_171111 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

20120129_171901 Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation

This Yotsuba is posable without its stand; same as the regular release. Though I still had to used the stand for the photos (above) because I didn’t want to risk dropping Yotsuba. Yotsuba @Summer Vacation retailed a little more than Php2000, which makes it one of my pricey Revoltech figures.

Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

20120129_160313 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

20120129_160446 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

To-Fu Oyako is by Devilrobots’ and is one of their popular characters.

20120129_160600 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

20120129_170430 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

20120129_170604 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

To-Fu Oyako is, from my understanding, a family of three–Oton To-Fu (father), Okan To-Fu (mother), and Musuko To-Fu (son). The story behind their worried expression is because the mother has gone missing, so the father and son are looking for her.

To-Fu Oyako family

In this figure I have, Gloomy took over Musuko To-Fu.

20120129_170701 Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako

One of its legs is shorter, so it’s annoying how much time it takes just to make it stand.

I got Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako for Php900 from my favorite cafe. Here ar a few more photos before I put Yotsuba in a case and Gloomy x To-Fu Oyako on my desk. πŸ˜›

20120129_170928 Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Bear x To-Fu Oyako

20120129_170952 Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Bear x To-Fu Oyako

20120129_171741 Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Bear x To-Fu Oyako

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