Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako


Revoltech Yotsuba Summer Vacation and Gloomy Meets To-Fu Oyako were both acquired early this year, but I didn’t buy them at the same time. I wouldn’t be able to afford that. ^^;;; I first got Yotsuba before Gloomy x To-Fu Oyako. Let me review in that order.

Boxed, front


Flyers/Ads inside the box

This Summer Vacation version comes with more parts compared to the regular. It has four facial expressions — very happy or excited, smiling, clueless or shocked, and angry or pissed off. There isn’t an expression that is the same with the regular one. There are five (!) pairs of hands. Two hands can hold a couple of accessories and one is holding a cicada. The accessories are the net that Yotsuba uses to catch cicadas or butterflies, fisherman’s hat, shoulder bag, ice cream popsicle, and a green case with strap where she puts in cicadas (based on the manga :D). There is also a stand with a cloud print.


I searched for an actual picture of a cicada. Man, they look big and scary. DX

Even if she’s cute, I wouldn’t be too happy to be shown a cicada. ^^;;;

The weather was very nice (albeit hot), so I took Yotsuba out. 🙂


Frustratingly catching bugs XD


I don’t know why she’s got her arms up.

I would be scared too, Yotsuba.

It feels good to have ice cream on a hot, sunny day. 🙂

I love that this Yotsuba figure, similar to the regular version, can stand and sit on its own. As you can see from above shots. Rarely does it get out of balance. The Summer Vacation Yotsuba cost me more than PhP2K. Sorry, I forgot the exact amount. It is one of my expensive Revoltech figures. It is about PhP500 more expensive than the regular Revoltech Yotsuba. I purchased this, aside from being a fan of the manga, so as to complete my collection of Revotech Yotsuba. Thankfully there’s only two. 😛 But that’s not counting the variety of Danboard that Revoltech came out with. (I hate that everyone wants one of that. ~_~)

Next, Gloomy, The Naughty Grizzly…

… With tofu guy, To-Fu Oyako.


To-Fu Oyako is by Devilrobots and is one of their popular characters.


I have yet to find out more about Devilrobots, but I’m sure I have seen their other characters. 😀

The design is actually Gloomy painted on the body of the tofu guy.

P1060148 P1060150

Poor To-Fu Oyako, Gloomy has taken over his body. XD; The line of To-Fu Oyako toys has him in different expressions. In this figure, the bigger head has a sad expression with a nosebleed. It has a small head on top (I haven’t seen other To-Fu Oyako toys like this) with him smiling and a waving hand. I’m not sure if it’s just what I got, but one of its legs seem shorter that it sometimes falls on its back. Not a big drawback. Yet it can get annoying because you have to balance it every time.


This toy set me PhP900 and I got it from my favorite cafe. I think there’s still one more available and is on sale. The following are more shots before I put Yotsuba in a case and Gloomy x To-Fu Oyako on my desk. 😛



The first take of Gloomy chasing Yotsuba

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  1. Been thinking of getting a cute fig with many facial expression too. Nendroids so far is catching my eye.

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