Yotsuba Saturday and the week after

Another weekend’s here and I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about last weekend after telling myself throughout the week that I should. *facepalms* Anyway, before another backlog… Seems like I’m going to be spending most of my weekends with friends to keep my mind busy. It’s always thoughts during “the end of the day” that saddens me. *plays I Won’t Hold You Back* XDDD;

I was with Jan again last Saturday night, November 14. The plan was to pay Sun bills and have coffee. Jan had reminded me of dinner haha~ in which we had in BK. Dinner was supposedly at McD’s, but there were too many people. The noise was worse than a school canteen. ~_~

Carlo Rossi Free Taste
Had a Carlo Rossi free taste while walking around Glorietta

Burger King Dinner
We were hungerzzz~ 😛

After all that was done, we went to Greenbelt 3, our second home. Haha~ If you guys wanna see us, we’re often there. XDDD I brought Yotsuba with me that night.

Yotsuba and the Large CBTL MugThe UsualYotsuba and Jan's Frappe

There are so many foreigners in Greenbelt 3 that it feels like _we_ are the foreigners. 😐 Other than looking at people, we were listening to the band from Merk’s and music from wherever. The band played songs such as Paparazzi to I’ll Be Over You. I don’t think they were thinking properly over their song lineup. *lol* We had a second round of drinks since Jan wanted to claim her free Starbucks drink.


We wrapped the night by 2AM. If only, we could have gone to Xaymaca that was reopened only for that night for the album launching of Lady I, I think. There were other bands such as CBI to perform too. 🙁 How I miss them. The night I spent with them after their Robinson’s Place gig was awesomesauce.

Monday night was supposed to be 2012 with Joiz. It was also then that Jaja and I had to make ticket reservations at GB3 for New Moon. She got last full show tickets. Jan wouldn’t be able to watch then, so I told her we would watch on another day. It was a good thing I was with her or my eyes would have gone white. Haha~ Damn traffic accident somewhere in SLEX I think caused Joiz to be very very late. Instead of watching 2012, we ended up hanging out out at CBTL.

I saw a gurl there who isn’t super sexy, but super pretty. *_* We sat near her and I couldn’t help but look. If I was a guy, she might have reported me to security. XD;

CBTL With Joiz [2009-1116] 001CBTL With Joiz [2009-1116] 002
Their ice-blended green tea tastes the same as Starbucks’

The night after, four of us from the office went to a wake. That was an adventure. The place was somewhere we haven’t gone to before. Well, I already passed by there before (it even brought back memories!) but commuting was something else.

Wake [2009-1117]

I don’t think I’ll ever be in the area again any time soon. =_=

On Thursday night, I thought I would be getting home early but Jan asked me to help her look for a cheap, cute, and rare gift — a favor from her brother.

KFC Dinner With Jan [2009-1119]
KFC Dinner With Jan

Friday was a bit hectic. 😛 In the morning, I went to the Philippine Urban Consortium in World Bank on a working group discussion on Shelter and Basic Services.

WB PUC [2009-1120]

Interesting discussion. They had this cake-like snack that I didn’t get to taste. Tsk~ *lol* But I had lunch there… TWICE. XD; I went to the office in the afternoon. I watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, read a bit of Brida that I still haven’t finished, and napped. Night time was shopping for camera bag and dinner with Joiz.

TGIF [2009-1120] 001TGIF [2009-1120] 002

TGIF [2009-1120] 003
The dinner was her treat. Hihi~

There’s always something going on after office and that is actually good. 😛 Being with people gives me a peace of mind. Merely doing something doesn’t always help. People may see me laughing already, but the happiness isn’t really the same. I hate what happened. I hate myself. Thank God for friends and family for being around; for making noise. I would have gone to the other world if they’re not. Pfft~ I’m also grateful for Jason Mraz for making songs I can play and sing along to. *rofl*

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