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Yoshihara Yuki and Aisuru Hito

Since I read a manga by Yoshihara Yuki, I became a fan instantly. Most of her works are josei and I enjoy that since I find they could somehow happen in real life. She does steamy and sexy smut; not obscene. What I’ve read from hers so far are all comedy which is why I became a fan. There are a lot more LOL and LOLs and just the right amount of drama.

I’m sharing now, which is probably the first I read from her, is Aisuru Hito. Four-volumes long, it’s about a college student who’s in love and overly obsessed with her professor. She has confessed and been rejected a thousand times, but still hasn’t given up. Along the way of doing everything to get her professor’s heart even if she becomes a mistress (yes, her professor is married!), she learns how to kiss and make love through somebody real close to him.

Aisuru Hito Volume 01 cover
Aisuru Hito
Download: Volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4

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