wow, i feel like i

wow, i feel like i havent blogged for days. -_-;;; i’ve been very tired lately. argh. must be because i awfully lack sleep. all i do is stay in front of the pc. i’m such a geek! πŸ˜› maybe that’s why maii left eye have been hurting a lot lately. i tried sleeping it off, but it won’t. i couldn’t tell maii dad about it since he’ll ban me from the pc or lessen the hours i can use it. i wouldn’t want that! XP i gotta read fics! lotsa fics! *LoL*

i couldn’t forget the fact i wore some dress which expose a lot of skin. >P i looked like a belly dancer. mwahahahhaahhahahah!! welps, that’s what maii dad told me. maii mom took pictures, but i dunno if i got the guts to show them to you.

i just finished reading vol. 1 of the sailor moon manga. i should have done this a long time ago, but i was young and i had no idea they were available or i thought they were fanfics. i was such a stupid kid! (now i’m just a bit stupid! *rofl* XD)

any of you got any recommended mangas i could read online? send me links please! XD anywayz, i’ll just have some time to get thru that after reading sailor moon and chobits. then i gotta do some fy stuffu on maii site.

aigoo, i’ll be back to school by the 22nd i think. tough luck. wish me luck. i hope i won’t fail physics so i could take chemistry asap. I HATE SCHOOL! XP

look at the Kang Ta wallpaper i made

stupid, edsamail will start charging. XP so much for free e-mail. i’m thinking whether keeping it or not since i’m using it to also freely download maii pop3 mails. aigoo…what to decide. they have a deadline til april 20. dang yO! where will i get the money?!?!