Wish list for Christmas 2011

I wanted to skip my wish list for this year. I changed my mind because a sweet lady in the office granted one of my wishes. I was very happy when I opened her gift for me during our office’s Christmas party. Online friends Larry, Tin, and Kat posted theirs and that urged me more. So here’s my list. Most of my wants aren’t expensive at all. 😉

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Cabin Fever

  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf tumbler

  • Plastic case for my pens and pencils

  • Big Fish DVD

  • Keroro Gunsou No. 31 – Captain Keroro

  • Keroro Gunsou No. 35 ? Keroro Pirate King + KeroDash

  • Jason Mraz?s We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. CD+DVD

  • Guitar picks

  • Guitar tuner

  • Films (35 or 120)

  • PS3

If you’re getting me any of these, let me know and show me your wish list. Let’s exchange? 😀

We all (and should) know that Christmas isn’t really about gifts. Some of us give gifts just because they’re expected to. Some deems this a chance to get their material wants. It _is_ a season of giving, but do give from your heart. It is an act of love for Him and is one way of celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. And when you receive, don’t forget to say thanks and appreciate whatever it is. 🙂

2011-1224 Update: Added films

8 thoughts on “Wish list for Christmas 2011

  1. I take dibs on the plastic case for your pens & pencils 😀

    Yeah, I personally don’t expect gifts, but every so often I’d like to give some people something and remind them that there is a reason why Christmas is around.
  2. Oh, wait. I think I have that Jason Mraz CD + DVD you’re talking about. Lemme check on that one. And OH… guitar tuner… I wanted one, but then again I still have to work on my guitar-playing. I still have A LOT to learn before depending on those tuning stuff. 😛
    1. It takes a while to learn to tune the guitar without a tuner. It took me years before I got to own one. I just want a new tuner. XD

      You gonna give me the Jason Mraz CD+DVD?? 😀 😀 😀

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