whoa, i wasn’t able to

whoa, i wasn’t able to talk to calvin today. -_- he even told me the other night that i call him. argh. maii bad…

so, tonight was our gig. maii feet hurt a lot ‘coz i was wearing the 4in. high-heeled shoes again. πŸ˜› neri’s debut started off pretty late. i was getting pissed off til they called us to eat dinner. the program was a mess. debuts are always started by the cotillion followed by some short parts of the program before the dinner. maii legs started to cramp during the cotillion de honor. aigoo. there was this “baduf” (we call gay guys ^^ it’s not something bad) who was supposed to be maii partner who kept telling me to fix myself and stuffu. he was even disappointed that i wasn’t his partner anymore. >P

when i first marched to the center of the dance floor to put the corsage, maii bandmates cheered & clapped loudly for moi. it was kinda shocking and humiliating, but i like the support. too bad for neri, i was the one that got cheered the loudest. -_- phoebe said it was the most boring party she has ever been too. it’s a bad thing to say, but i gotta admit…it was really boring. the people aren’t that exciting which made say something wrong the mic. i lost self-control. i couldn’t keep myself from being sarcastic. argh. i hate myself. i need to learn how to shush oftentimes. we left as soon as we finished our second round. at least most of the badufs there danced in one of our songs. ^^;;

we should have gotten something from that ‘coz we brought all the instruments from here. we had to find transportation. eeks. maii dad had to buy an amp for the bass this afternoon too. that was the second time he had to buy something for the last minute. to think it isn’t even _that_ cheap! >P *sigh*

it seems like our drummer, carlo, is going for pebbles. *snickers*

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