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Welcome to Quindecim: A Death Parade Review

I finished watching Death Parade last night.

When humans die, they get to a place where they need to play a game they have to bet their lives on. One of those places is Quindecim. Decim, Quindecim’s bartender, is the arbiter and instructs the dead on what they have to do to be able to leave. But these dead aren’t aware of their circumstances. Knowing they’re still alive, they try to leave to no avail. They could also forget who they are. As they play the game, fragments of their memories return until they remember their death. How they deal with the truth and game is supposedly for the arbiter to determine their judgement.

Episode title
Episode title


Even with the series being short at only 12 episodes, the story flow and animation (this is Madhouse!) made the anime satisfying. It barely left anything unanswered — That about Mayu didn’t matter because she did end up with Haruda even if it meant not having another chance at life. It’s just that the characters haunt me.

The two I can’t forget are the cute Mayu and Harada. Mayu is a huge fan of Harada who, on the other hand, is from the pop idol C.H.A. Mayu claims Harada has helped her go through her days and is still a huge fan of his even if he is a womanizer. There’s no mention (or I just missed it) of why Mayu was still with their arbiter Ginti, but when she was given the choice of saving Harada, she chose to be with him instead. Their ‘reunion’ was bittersweet. There’s no hell, but there is the void. Ending up there means that’s it for you; no chance at life again.

The lady in the first episode is another I can’t get over with it. Even in death, it is possible you won’t get a just judgement if arbiters really choose where these souls go based on how they do in their games.

Maybe I’ll forget them if I read a few yaoi manga or watch more Gintamao.

Btw, if you watch this (well, you should!), the seemingly giddy intro is misleading I tell you. It had my hopes up for a completely happy ending.

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