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Want affordable steak? Head on to Salt!

I did not think there would be another find of a restaurant in Barangay Poblacion, Makati such as Salt. Salt is a pretty simple restaurant — That’s a house converted to one — With lovely and clean interiors and surprisingly spacious enough to provide more than five tables. Other similarly obscure restaurants I’ve been to are just a hole in the wall. Kat and I decided to check out Salt after agreeing on going somewhere we both haven’t seen or tried yet. Salt was a recommendation to Kat and being that it’s near my work place… Why not?

So we found the restaurant about two blocks away from Kalayaan Ave. because of their white round logo. It was a small dot from that distance. LOL Not that difficult to find being they seem to be the only establishment along the street. I do not have pictures from the outside because it was dinner time and rather dark that I felt uncomfortable putting out my phone. Well, not that it was a scary neighborhood. Just because.

Salt 20150303_193427

I got confused as to where the entrance to the indoor dining area was. I didn’t know I was heading to the washroom. LOL So we got ourselves nice spot, seemingly in the middle of the restaurant. Behind me was a partition with about three to four tables. I guess that’s for a small group/company lunch. I have to say something about their tables or chairs. The table is too low or chair is too high. Hello back pains. Those who like to keep their posture straight like me, then your nape will hurt instead. But it might just be our table. Heck, it’s not really a huge issue.

We got our menus as soon as we sat down. They have very few choices. Few meals, drinks, and desserts, but they make up for it through the cooking and serving. Check out my t-bone steak:

Salt 20150303_195055

That’s a big slice of t-bone. The rice wasn’t enough. The steak wasn’t oily nor dry; it had the right amount of juice in it. I thought it would be a little bland, but I doubt they should be called Salt if it was. LOLs I am not a fan of the potatoes though. I wish there were side dish options and how the -bonet was to be cooked. They’re the only restaurant I encountered that didn’t ask how the steak should be cooked. If you’re picky about your steak, I would greatly suggest ordering something else. Man, it took me long to finish all that meat.

Kat and I would have stayed longer for dessert, but we craved for something else and coffee which they don’t have. Price-wise they’re pretty affordable. The serving of what I had and those I saw from the other tables were pretty generous for the price. A meal would be about PhP250 including drinks.

I’m sure I will be visiting them again because I want the boyfran to try their steak while I would probably try their chicken or fish. Yep, they have those too besides steak. 😀 Or maybe the new addition to their menu — Hungarian and Italian sausages. Hmmmmm… :9

Salt is located at 5887 Fermina St. corner Enriquez St. Poblacion 1210 Makati. If you’re coming from Century City Mall, it’s walkable from there. Should be a ten-minute walk without Ingress. They are open from 11AM to 1AM, Tuesdays to Sundays. You may find them online in their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Which reminds me, I have to follow their accounts. 😀

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