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Wako won our hearts

1216 2014Sun bills were due on the 16th. Instead of paying, Jan and I went to Wako Family KTV. πŸ˜€

Wako Family KTV is located along Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road); a walking distance from McDonald’s Greenbelt 1. I know of it because I always pass by there on my way to the office. I have been wanting to videoke for months now. Not only ’til then that we pushed our plans. Compared to Red Box, it’s a cheaper. It even beats the eat-all-you-can coupons I have from Red Box as Wako Family KTV’s food and drinks are cheaper. I believe that you only need drinks when you videoke. Hrhr~ You already feel full from all the singing. XD;

Guess these songs!

Guess That Song!

And This? Know Now? XD

Wako’s regular karaoke rate is PhP85/hour/head. They use the DAM System which Rotch stated has better sound quality than the Korean system. That is trufax. My officemate and I celebrated our birthdays in Music 21 a few months back. I can say that Wako’s sounds better. They even have Bose speakers. πŸ˜›

TV, Speakers, Door

Now if Wako has Sennheiser or Shure microphones. XDDD They have a big selection of songs from English, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, to Chinese. I’m glad to see the Korean and Japanese groups that I like. I even tried to sing 1TYM’s One Love and Tashannie’s ?? ??. ^_^

Their food ranges from PhP80 to PhP200 for most single meals. Regular drinks such as iced tea, juices, etc. range from PhP60 to PhP100. Not bad, right? The prices are a bit like Krocodille Grille’s.

The second visit would not have been until Dec. 19, Saturday. On Dec. 18th, a Friday, we mentally computed how much it would cost us if we ate at Army Navy against Wako Family KTV. We chose the latter since there would be more fun tiemz. *lol* We went there after the fireworks display that Greenbelt 3 has every Fridays from Dec. 11 to 25. Speaking of fireworks, I was only able to take few somewhat decent pictures because of the damn canopy blocking my view. ~_~

01 - Gb3 014

01 - Gb3 016

01 - Gb3 017

01 - Gb3 018

Here’s me and Jan already in Wako. I look like a fugly idiot in this picture. HAHAHA~

02 - Wako 010

We took 2 videos that night. One is of me singing ELO’s Telephone Line and us singing N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye. Great song for dancing and laughs. ^_^ More pictures of that second night of videoke and fireworks are here.

The Saturday plans of videoke still pushed through. Bryce met up with us while we stayed for a bit in McDonald’s Greenbelt 1 then left for other plans. Ace, a friend of Jan’s, joined us until the videoke though. Thank goodness because it would have become boring if it were the two of us again. >_>

Jan, Ace, and Shabbydoo~

The only plan we canceled was going to Lomolove 4. It was starting at 9PM. Being not too familiar with Cubao, we thought leaving late is out of the question especially when we have videoke plans. XD; There’s the holiday season’s traffic even. Or so we thought. O_o When we left the videoke at around 12MN, it was already a ghost town in Greenbelt and Glorietta malls. There were hardly any people. Restaurants were already closed. Seems like people prefer to be in the malls during the weekdays thinking that it would be jampacked over the weekend. LULz~

Pics from the first and recent visit are here. Our next visit might be within this weekend. I hope friends would join us. *crosses fingers*

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