Vlog 20160116: The choco cocktails are a must try!

As much as I would prefer to stay in and play Battlefront all day, it’s still more fun to be with friends and loves. 🙂 I’m happy my love Phoebe asked us out.

20160116_195622 Little Tokyo 20160116_203754 Little Tokyo

20160116_210312 Little Tokyo 20160116_210804


Too bad we didn’t get to videoke, but having choco cocktails and dessert at Maitre Chocolatier wasn’t bad. Thanks, Korky, for suggesting the cafe! I’ll have to visit again to try their main course because I want to do a review. The drinks and cake aren’t enough, but so far so good… I ♥ how the restaurant is not rowdy and they have a decent selection of Lindt and Ritter Sport. They even have Haribo.

20160116_215716 Chocolatier

20160116_214833 Chocolatier

20160116_214927 Chocolatier

20160116_215039 Chocolatier
Golden Euphoria

20160116_215354 Chocolatier
Irish Midnight – I always choose drinks with “Irish” in their names

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