Vlog 20151129: A charity gig at Sneaker Carnival

This video was uploaded after the Festival of Lights vlog even though this was prior that. To make it less confusing, I’m blogging this first. πŸ™‚

I went with my boyfriend to his group’s charity gig at Sneaker Carnival. In partnership with Sole Academy, Team Aguhon gave select children of Tondo, Manila an opportunity to experience fun and play at Sneaker Carnival. This was the children’s early holiday gift from Team Aguhon.

20151129_163407 Sneaker Carnival 20151129_163421 Sneaker Carnival
20151129_164907 Sneaker Carnival
Jaguar car display at the Sneaker Carnival

Honestly, I thought it would be a small event. I didn’t think we’d be going to where the noisesounds at the Mall of Asia grounds were coming from. ^^;;;

20151129_165851 Sneaker Carnival

20151129_170152 Sneaker Carnival

20151129_171316 Sneaker Carnival
The takoyaki stand I was supposed to order from.

The Sneaker Carnival didn’t have much to offer. I disliked they had their own currency, which wasn’t mentioned to us when we went inside the grounds. There weren’t signs about it even. I only hope my ordered takoyaki didn’t go to waste because I didn’t bother getting it anymore after seeing the long queue for the currency exchange. 😐 Anyway, what mattered was that the children had fun especially with the men on stilts. They got more excited from the games and what other surprises prepared for them.

First time I’ve seen this Fallout 4 goods btw

20151129_144205 Sneaker Carnival
Sorta want *_*

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