Usagi and Mamoru’s Love: Strike

Usagi and Mamoru’s Love: Strike by Lianne: Sailor Moon; action, PG-13, angst
>_< This is the most evil fic ever!!! Everything was starting to be happy when things turn out to become disastrous…so sad. I wonder what happens next. Poor Mamoru. *sigh* You can read this and the other stories in

Ferris Wheel Kisses by Psycho Star: Sailor Moon; G, fluff
Aww, another kyootie fic! ^_~ I should have read this after Strike. 😛 It’s not the really mushy type fic, but it’s nice…something you would want to happen with you. ^^

Daydream Believer by Sailor Elysia: Sailor Moon; PG, sap
I thought this would have a sad ending. Really nice and perfectly written. I like how every detail went as if you can picture it easily in your mind. It’s nice to have dreams to come true. Read this also in

Usagi and Mamoru’s Love by Lianne: Sailor Moon; PG
Here’s maii review for the whole fic — the story started off pretty well. You can feel the excitement and all, but when it got to the middle, I started to get tired of all the villains coming and dying just the same. As it was mentioned in the story, something disastrous comes to destroy the happiness and peace when it’s already there. The ending was really simple. Unexpected, but you would have expected something more. The last 3 stories seemed like the author quickly finished them. It will leave you hanging and the next part will still leave you with questions unanswered. ^^;;; Oh wellz, it’s a good story and good read. Go to Lianne’s site for it.

In a Not-So-Perfect World by ShameStar: Sailor Moon; NC-17 (for violence & death); taff fic for smrff
O_O Too much angst! ARGH! So sad, yet the angry Usagi is really…uhmm…undesscribable. I dunno. I guess that was the feeling of “hatred” when she started to live IN A NOT-SO-PERFECT WORLD.

Operation: Sleeping Beauty by Siggy: Sailor Moon; PG; waff fic for smrff
Waii! This is soO cute!! :DDD WAFFY! *LoL* Hmmm…I wonder if I could also do that. XD J/k!

Getting Laid by Baine: Sailor Moon; PG-13; waff fic for smrff
It was kinda hard to understand at first, but went fine later on. This line — “Change can be good, though. It’s not good to stay the same forever. Sometimes it’s just too hard to break out of the mold.” — really made me think of something. Anywayz, if you have been to my blog before, you would know why. A little editting here and there + there was too much conversation…I mean…it looked like it was going to be a script for movie. Know what I mean? ^_^;;; I didn’t mean that in a bad way. It’s all good tho. *grins*

The Eight-Ball by Lelu: Sailor Moon; PG; waff fic for smrff
Ooh~~ The waffers are doing soO well! ^_~ Though it’s kinda too early to tell. This fic is really making me go for waffers!!! Mwahahhahahaha!! I luv this one! Mamoru’s being a jerk, but all’s well in the end! ^_________~

Ice-cream Kisses by Nikitsuki: Sailor Moon; waff fic for smrff
TOO MANY WAFFS! O_OV Anywayz, this story is gooOooood! ^.^ The story is as sweet as those ice creams. *laughs* (I know…that was corny! :P)

Desert Mirage-A Million Doors to Eternity by The Rose Society and Eternal Angel: Sailor Moon; R; taff fic for smrff
Rating is R as mentioned in the fic, but I really dunno how “R” it is since it’s just the first chapter. It’s getting very interesting, so I’m looking forward to the next part. Oh yeah, this one’s _finally_ a TAFF! XD

Carrots, Bunnies, and Chocolate, Oh My! by Silly Smiles: Sailor Moon; G; waff fic for smrff
Ooh! Another cute one! The story should have been written a bit longer with more detailed turn of events. ^_^

Milkshake Mouth by Sailor Pacey: Sailor Moon; G; waff fic for smrff
A very, very short waff. Waii! There’s “cuteness” in the story. ^_~ But it’s soO short, it’s like giving a plot idea for fic writers due to lace of more details. Plus, using quotation marks for the conversations is better than apostrophes. ^^ Just a suggestion!

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