Updated my theme again :D And pics from DC and VA

Wooo~ A blog post! I’ve had several busy nights lately that I’ve been up until late (or early?) as morning even on weekdays. Besides struggling to clean and organize my room and my other place, doing house responsibilities, organizing media collection because my external drives are getting full, and tinkering with gadgets, it was cleaning the html and css that kept me very much occupied. My OC-ness kicked in.

  • now has a responsive layout. Do give it a try. πŸ™‚ If you’re viewing on a desktop, just resize your browser window. On mobile phones, just choose desktop view. It may be a bit messy, but it would be insane to cater every possible mobile resolution out there.
  • The site now supports different post formats. That is why I posted a chat/conversation and quotes. I think the audio is the only format left I have to work on. I am still thinking about the entry layout.
  • Comments look neater now as I’ve put spaces between responses.
  • And, (what you wouldn’t notice is) I now use some of the pre-made widgets just so I wouldn’t have to keep editing my theme. I had to make sure they don’t look borked.

To something that is not site-related, I began having my films processed again. I haven’t done so in a long time since Digiprint became non-existent in my area. Thank goodness for Lomography Embassy Manila’s Photolab.

I’ve organized, so far, are pictures of my trip in Washington D.C. and Virginia because the other pictures are incomplete for posting. There are still more rolls from the trip needed to be processed. The camera I used here is the Holga 120CFN, my first Lomography camera, which has traveled quite well with me. πŸ˜€ I always have better luck with this camera than the Diana F.

That university… *sighs dreamily*
The station I go to when I have to go to where the malls are. πŸ˜›

Finally got to see the HQ of The World Bank

Before, during, and after mass in Virginia:

With my favorite boy πŸ˜€
Because I was afraid to turn on the flash

These photos are making me miss the cold weather.

Engineering Hall of GWU
View from Abe’s seat
Test shot from the second roll

On my first visit in DC, I only saw up close the Washington Monument.

Getting nearer the Monument

This time, being there were no kids for me to take care of, I was able to walk the National Mall (or most of it). The Mall is a two-mile land where many famous memorials, monuments, and many museums are located. A day wouldn’t be enough to see them all especially the museums. If you mind walking, consider taking a guided tour with bikes or Segway. The latter I recommend because that should be fun. Believe me. XD

I didn’t do any official tours since you can pretty much tour on your own. Around the mall are stops with vending machines for snacks, rest area, and a customer service where you can get a map of the National Mall _for free_. The Mall is pedestrian-friendly too.

Orchids at the US Botanic Garden

I only went to the National Air and Space Museum and US Botanic Garden. The Botanic Garden was not entirely open because of the weather. Like the outdoor garden (duh!) was closed because many of the plants in it don’t thrive in cold weather. But there were still a lot to see inside such as orchids, cacti, herbs, trees, and rare flowers and plants among others. Both the museum and garden are astonishing; picture-worthy so look out for my photo spam posts on them.


I ♥ going to museums by the way. πŸ˜‰

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