UP Fair 2010

I was invited to the UP Fair again. I was with three of my officemates Jaja, Doy, and Liza. There were others invited since this was planned weeks prior, but it was only me who confirmed. ^_^;;;

Sisfire 7 ticket
Sisfire 7 ticket

Not much people came compared to last year when Jaja and I had to fall in a very long line. As soon as we got within the fair grounds, we looked for Babba Shawarma. I had the shawarma rice because it’s win when mixed with spicy sauce. πŸ˜€

Babba Shawarma
Babba Shawarma
Jaja, Doy, and Liza
Jaja, Doy, and Liza

For drinks, I had ripe mango shake from this stall:

I had the ripe mango fruit shake.
I had the ripe mango fruit shake.

When I saw they had green mangoes, I had to make it clear to the woman that I’m getting the ripe ones. 😐

A path among stalls. There weren't many people as you can see.
See what I mean by not much people?
Jaja and Liza in front of the fruit juices stand
Jaja and Liza

We sat at the concert grounds, so we can enjoy the music and eat at the same time. Then people started flocking & blocking our view. Grr~

Best view ever!
Blocked view >_>

How unfortunate that I didn’t get to watch Franco. The vocalist is pogi. XD I can barely recall their music because the last time I heard them was at last year’s UP Fair. I do remember liking their songs.

Energy-sucking octopus ride. T_T
The octopus ride in rasta colors. ^o^

Before we ended the night, we took a ride in the octopus. I sat with Liza while Jaja and Doy sat together.

Jaja and Doy across us
Jaja and Doy across us

I laughed so hard when the ride went fast and the “tentacles” went up and down. *lol* I’ll get awesome abs if I ride that 10 times consecutively. My abs hurt on that one ride alone. ^_^;;;

Jaja surrendered after the ride. XD She got very dizzy. Liza and I, on the other hand, lost all our energy. I couldn’t keep myself from yawning almost every minute. We then left the fair grounds after Jaja bought a UP fair shirt.

The bus ride home wasn’t peaceful and quiet because of an arguing passenger and bus fare collector. I didn’t take pictures because I might get beaten up. A passenger was angry at the collector because he wouldn’t give him the change to his PhP100. They were arguing half the time we were there. The collector claims that the passenger didn’t pay him any PhP100 and, if he did, he would have PhP400 with him instead of only PhP300. They kept arguing until the ticket inspector arrived. She told the collector to just give the change. Still he wouldn’t. He showed the hundred bills he had on hand. He had PhP500. His story changed to him having only PhP500 when he should have PhP600 if the passenger paid him. *facepalms* The collector either wanted to keep the change or he forgot to give it and didn’t want to humiliate himself by keeping his stand. Well, he still humiliated himself.


  • Kat

    Half the people I was with the 2nd time didn’t want to go in, so since we could hear the bands anyway, we picked a spot from afar and stayed there. Someone who already had tickets went inside to buy food haha.

    I think my brother has some, or at least ones he ripped from YouTube.

  • Shabby

    That’s actually not a bad idea. Matipid! Also, if you don’t intend to get close to the band, go through a crowd, or salivate over band crushes then it’s best to just stay outside and enjoy the music. ^_^

    Please to share those rips. πŸ˜€

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