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Universal Orlando – Part 1

Thank you to the following who sent me Happy New Year messages. Some of which I didn’t expect:

These aren’t prolly all as I may have accidentally deleted some messages or Globe ate ’em. 😛 I’m sorry if I didn’t get to reply. I was in a place were sending text messages would cost me a fortune. *rofl*

Let’s get back to that US trip, shall we? This is gonna be long. 😛 December 20, 2008 = UNIVERSAL ORLANDO. w00t! It was a bit of a long ride. Imagine 2 hours of no traffic along the freeway. XD;;; My Dad wanted me to drive, but I said no. I think I barely had any sleep the night before because I watched a few episodes of Zettai Kareshi. I also think they’re stricter in FL with traffic regulations than in any state I’ve been to. >_>

Thick fog before dawn



There are 2 parks in Universal Orlando — the Studios and amusement parks. We went to the Studios because the folks aren’t fond of rides. *lol* We walked through a bunch of walkalators from the parking, the City Walk, accidentally to the amusement park, and then back to the other direction because that’s where the Studio is. Talk about wasted energy. ^_^VVV

Maru on the walkalator

Near Studios entrance

Our first stop was ET. ET needs to go back to his home planet. He needs to rescue it from polluting gases (or something to that effect). So we rode a “group bike” (dunno what it’s really called) and aided ET in his travel. XD; We saw his friends who are weirder looking than it/him/her. *rofl* The baby ETs on top of some plants/trees were cute! I wish I could have taken pics of ’em, but it was dark and using a flash wasn’t allowed. Boo~

Can I take you home? 😛

Woody Woodpecker

Krusty the Clown heehee~

Should have tried this

The MIB was fun though I have a feeling it’s rigged. Aliens have invaded the city, so the public were asked to help those MIBs in eliminating the aliens. @_@ There were two groups. Our ride had 12 seats divided in 3 columns and 3 rows. I sat in front with two American girls. I’m good at aiming, really, but my score was fucking low! Then I heard one of the girls say that it’s easy to cheat the game. ~_~ I still enjoyed the ride. I hated the part where they spun us like 720 degrees. I thought I would fall off my seat. Gah~

JAWS was awesomesauce!

I sat near the edge of the boat, so there was a huge possibility I’ll get wet. My Mom told me to be careful because I might fall off if I get too surprised. *lol* Fortunately no fake-ass shark popped out near me, BUT! When we went inside a dark slaughterhouse, I thought I would die due to heart attack. *roflmao* . A tortured-lookin’ shark suddenly popped out beside me. I fucking shrieked, lmao-d and grabbed Maru’s arm. Gad. X_X There was an explosion part which was really awesome. The shark got toasted due to that. *lol* We were a bit far from the flames, but it felt it could still melt you. ^_^

Tbc~ If you reached this far, treat yourself to some ice cream. LOLz~

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