Unearthed stuff from high school

Sort of a throwback or flashback, I’ll (shamelessly) share with you a few items I’ve unearthed from my computer desk that I haven’t used for months now. I have been going through (it’s been a slow process for me, I mean, I started in January LOL) that desk and closets for things I may have forgotten and unused in years. Many of them I’ve held on simply because of sentimental value. It took me this long to finally decide to let them go. There wasn’t any difference between keeping and throwing them away. When I had them, they weren’t used; almost the same when I threw them away. At least I have or will get more space now for things of my interest now. XD;

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Unbelievable! I actually didn’t know I still had these.

Remember the phones these casings (or popularly called ‘housing’) are for? πŸ™‚ Left to right — Nokia 3210 and Nokia 6100. There’s a price on the Nokia 3210 casing because we had a garage sale before. If I remember right, no one from the household owned a 3210. This came with an item we bought from the grocery.

The 6100 casing is, I think, an original. My Aunt gave hers to me and somebody borrowed, used to the extent of battering, and never returned it to me anymore. (Which is one reason I _hate_ lending things.) I only heard what happened to it from a friend.


OMG, I forgot I still had these diskettes. πŸ˜€ CDR King still sold them when I was already in college. I can’t believe how small filesizes were. A ‘skinner’ program could fit in a diskette while I now find a 16GB phone to be limited for the apps I use. XD; Like, phones were smaller back then, now I own a Note 4 that’s almost bigger than my hand. πŸ˜›



If they didn’t contain Kpop media, I’m sure I labeled them in Korean just so people know they’re mine.


I forgot for which phone the charger was for. The wire was taped because the rubber eventually became sticky. I think chargers back then had better quality because they last long until something like that sticky rubber happens.


My pencil boards were back covers from old Blue Feather notebooks — My notebook of choice before I switched to Green Apple. LOL I scribbled on them for ink tests and wrote names of not-really-random people. πŸ˜‰


These stationeries were from my high school days. I exchanged letters with lots of classmates and friends. Seeing these reminded me how I tried to do simple lettering. Now I’m learning to be better at it. πŸ™‚


A collection of clippings from teeny-bopper magazines — Another OMG! Some of them came from magazines all bought for me because I couldn’t afford them with my allowance. Clippings that look older, like the Ethan Hawke page rip, were from magazines of my Aunt’s friend. The age gap between me and Aunt is not far, so… πŸ™‚




Aww, River Phoenix. πŸ™
I liked Paquin when she was this young.
I’ve been a longtime fan.

When I started blogging, I’ve stopped obsessing over these celebrities. I became a Kpop fan instead. πŸ˜‰ I did a bit of research on a few of these actors. I’m surprised how Kartheiser looks like now and that he’s married to Alexis Bledel who was my favorite in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

The only stuff I still have from high school are the yearly school diaries and all the letters I received. The diaries will be in another post. As for the letters, what to do with them? :/

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