Two Tuesdays ago and today

I saw a cat writhing in the middle of the street… In a pool of blood. It must have been hit by a bike or someone hurt it. I don’t know. I didn’t dare to look at the poor cat any more after I got closer and saw the blood. Such a sad, sad sight.

On the same day, I ninja’d right after my (early) lunch for my dental appointment. My tooth chipped, large enough that eating can be annoying. Since my dentist is currently out of the country, I had to go to another dental clinic where my Mom also works. It was my first time to go there. No surprise, I got lost along the way. And my shoes went kaput! Something was flapping on my right heel. Ugh~ I’m so grateful I made it to the dentist without losing the shoe’s sole. I’m also grateful that I was given Mighty Bond for a temporary fix.

I then took a cab to the office because I was scared the glue might fail on me. Thank goodness I have extra pairs of shoes in the office.

Today is another off or odd day, but not as bad as what happened two Tuesdays ago. I was just very sleepy and my legs hurt and feel heavy. It must be the lack of sleep from Sunday to Monday even though I slept in early last night. My legs are like this most likely from all the walking I did yesterday beginning 12MN. But it was laugh trip & fun tiemz~, so it’s very much worth it.

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