Tutti Frutti Glorietta

I remember Jan saying that she wanted to try the yogurt shoppe near Glorietta Food Choices, but it was still closed then. *lol* Define excited. XD

Tutti Frutti [2010-0325] 003
Tutti Frutti

Weeks or days after the opening of that yogurt shoppe named Tutti Frutti, we decided to try their yogurt with the belief that they’re a cheaper alternative to Red Mango. We were with Jan’s (most likely perverted) stalker who almost ruined our happy yogurt mood. ~_~

In Tutti Frutti, there are several yogurt flavors to choose from. I had green tea — my yogurt of choice. The two had chocolate. The green tea yogurt tastes the same as Red Mango’s only slightly less sour.

They don’t have much toppings selection yet you can choose as much as you want. It’s not even displayed from what brands they are. Not that it’s supposed to be an issue, but I thought that it’s normal to display them like in Dairy Queen or Red Mango.

Tutti Frutti [2010-0325] 001

Tutti Frutti [2010-0325] 002

I forgot exactly what toppings I chose. Based on this picture, I guess I had red bean, candy sprinkles, and cornflakes. 😛

Tutti Frutti [2010-0325] 004

My order cost me less than PhP150. The price isn’t too far from my Red Mango staple, so I am for Red Mango still.

Service-wise, the staff are nice but I don’t see why they would need a lot of people when it’s mostly self-service. Well, they were a lot then. I am not sure how they are now, generally speaking, since they were still new then.

I won’t do a review of Red Mango btw. Everyone seems to have tried their yogurt already. 😛 I’ll be sharing pictures instead from my first Red Mango experience with Jan and Erick.

Red Mango [2010-0309] 001

Red Mango [2010-0309] 002

Red Mango [2010-0309] 003
Jan’s blueberry waffle :3

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