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Tsubaki Oil Hair Treatment

This Tsubaki Oil Hair Treatment was purchased by accident. I was in Samal Island with loves and my hair became very dry from sun/heat/wind exposure. I asked we go to the mall when we returned to the city, so I could get oil hair treatment. I considered between this and the Via Natural Ultra Care Argan Oil. I chose, if I remember correctly, the latter. Although the camellia oil is cheaper at PhP49, the argan oil came in a tube that would make it easier and better to pack for travel.

When we returned to the villa, it occurred to me that I paid more than PhP99, which was the price of the argan oil. It turns out, I unknowingly placed the Tsubaki oil at the cashier. I just kept the camellia oil and only used it about last week ago. (The Samal Island vacation was late last year. πŸ˜› )

This accident purchase turned out actually good because the camellia oil is better than the argan and L’Oreal Extraordinary oils.

After shampooing (I usually use hypoallergenic products), towel dry hair and put a small amount, apply throughout hair and let dry.
May also be use as a heat protectant for your hair from the potential damage that can result from daily use of heat-related hair care products, such as dryers and flat irons.

Directions typed word for word. πŸ˜›

I put the Tsubaki oil after my evening showers with a Piso-sized amount on palm. Instead of brushing my hair afterwards, I just put it in a bun. Then, in the morning, I would blow dry and my hair would get a bit of wave and volume. I prefer getting volume than a straight hair nowadays, which makes me love this oil. The volume would last for hours and I would get more waves after I put my hair in a bun again. That does not happen with the other oils I use. πŸ™‚ The ends of my hair doesn’t dry during the entire the day either.


I haven’t seen any bottle version of this locally. I’m unsure if there really is any because I’m even having difficulty looking for it on Google. Though the sachets are great for travel or on-the-go, a bottle version is better for home use. Less messy too.

Click on the following to findΒ tips on how to curl your hair and get the perfect party look you always desired.

The Palty Tsubaki Oil Hair Treatment is available in Watsons and beauty section of SM Department Stores for about PhP50 for three sachets. I’ll hoard sa darating na sweldo. πŸ˜€

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