TPA, PHL, Fuji Provia RDP III, and U.S. Airways

I really am posting pictures of my US trip in no particular order. Haha~

Pictures in this post are from during my flight from Florida to Chicago with Philadelphia as the stopover. It was my first time to fly with U.S. Airways.

2011-0905 Florida 002
I read gels like our slang of girls. =_=

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is one of my favorite airports because they have free WiFi. πŸ˜›

2011-0905 Florida 001

TPA has a mall feel to it. The fast food, restaurants, and souvenir shops are accessible unlike the other airports I’ve been to. The airport is also small.

2011-0905 Florida 003
My Lowepro backpack, fat lOgs, and DMs.

2011-0905 Florida 004
Safety procedures
There’s a reason why I took a picture of this, but I’d rather not say anymore. *ninja*

2011-0905 Florida 005
Ginger Ale — my staple drink when flying
First time I tried Seagrams’

US Airways isn’t so bad. It seems I got to ride in a fairly new plane of theirs. I’m glad they gave me a good seat. Guess which seat I got. πŸ˜€

2011-0905 Florida 006

2011-0905 Florida 007

2011-0905 Florida 008

2011-0905 Florida 009
Looks so beatiful irl

2011-0905 Florida 010

I’m a Fuji Provia RDP III 100F film n00b. So this is one of those slide films that when cross-processed produces shots in blue hues. I’m not a fan of the color, so I don’t like it that much. πŸ˜› I find this film best under very sunny conditions and for nature and rural areas shoots. What I like about it is the bit of graininess and the vignette it produces. But I wonder if the silhouette and vignette effects are due to the film being expired .

2011-0905 Philadelphia 001
Overlooking Philadelphia

2011-0905 Philadelphia 002

2011-0905 Philadelphia 003

It’s my first time to set foot on Philadelphia. First I noticed before landing there is they seem to have numerous industries/factories.

2011-0905 Philadelphia 004

2011-0905 Philadelphia 005

2011-0905 Philadelphia 006
Couldn’t decide

Pepperoni Stromboli
So I chose Pepperoni Stromboli. Salty as expected.
Do we have such in the Philippines? In Sbarro maybe?

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) looks almost like Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). Only a smaller. I like that it’s clean, not crowded, and there’s also free WiFi (from the terminal I waited). I saw many movie posters in one area of the airport. I saw all the Rocky movies which is what I only remember because I was surprised. I didn’t know all its movies were made in Philadelphia. LOL

2011-0905 Philadelphia 009

2011-0905 Philadelphia 010
See what I mean?

2011-0905 Philadelphia 011 2011-0905 Philadelphia 012
More planes

There are many ‘firsts’ in this flight. πŸ™‚ I wonder if I’ll get to tour somewhere in Philadelphia. Do I know anyone who lives there who might wanna adopt me for a while when I visit? Hrhr~

Film pictures taken with an LC-A+ and Fuji Provia RDPIII 100 exp. 2007-06 and the rest taken with a cellphone camera.

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