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Tokyo Tonteki – The pursuit of the perfect pork loin steak

The last post for this week-long series of restaurants and cafes reviews had to be late by two days. ^^;;; Sunday was spent moving around things in my second home. I got too exhausted to even bother to write. I was even snapping and bitching at almost everyone. LOL? ;;; Anyway, here’s the last of this series — Tokyo Tonteki: The pursuit of the perfect pork loin steak

Tokyo Tonteki 20141225_203244

Tokyo Tonteki is now one of my favorite restaurants. Read on to find out why.

Tokyo Tonteki 20141225_202802

We had our Christmas dinner at Tokyo Tonteki and it was our first time there. I’ve always seen their Greenbelt 5 with a queue and that night was no different. I really wasn’t paying attention to their posters because I thought they’re another katsudon Japanese restaurant, but I was wrong and that was a reason I like them a lot.

Since there were only two of us, it didn’t take too long for us to get accommodated. I guess I could say we got the ‘okay’ spot because we were near the kitchen and cashier even with a small table for their servings, but it was a pretty busy and tight spot.

Tokyo Tonteki 20141225_204243

I had the Regular Tonteki Set which is a premium pork steak served with shredded cabbage, miso soup, pickled radish, and rice. Additional servings of the extras are free. Their steak is so~ good. I love how it’s tender, juicy, and full of flavor. The meat was such a joy to eat! Hindi ako tininga. LOL! I actually had more rice refills that I normally would with cabbage because the steak and its sauce with garlic slices were just delicious. If only I could eat more, I would have probably asked for an a la carte.

Tokyo Tonteki 20141225_204316

I know the food doesn’t seem appetizing in photo. (We already poked through our food that’s why. :P) Well, the steak was just the second favorite. The first would be this:

Tokyo Tonteki 20141225_204341
Stir-Fry Japanese Mushrooms

Three kinds of mushrooms — Eryngii, Shimeji, and Enoki (most favorite) — stri-fried in butter and garlic then topped with ????? or known as bonito flakes. Enough of a reason for me to keep coming back to Tokyo Tonteki. πŸ™‚ I remember feeling so full from our dinner, but I still wanted more.

Tokyo Tonteki at Greenbelt 5 has its busy days. I would recommend going there on a non-busy day of course. But busy or not, their service is good. I even saw them accommodate one customer even after they were already closed for about 30 minutes already.

The budget per person is at PhP300 to PhP500. You can find Tokyo Tonteki at UP Town Center and Greenbelt 5. Check them online at their Facebook page and Twitter.

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