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Toby’s Estate at Century City Mall

There are five Toby’s Estate in the Metro and I’ve only gone one at Century City Mall. I have been curious about their coffee for a while, so when I had the chance I tried them.

Toby's Estate 20140614_191444

Toby's Estate 20140614_191233

They’re only in a small space with a humble selection of coffee and short bar areas where you can still do quick work or if you want to quick charge your phones while enjoying a hot mug or cold glass of coffee.

Toby's Estate 20140614_191454

I thought their only to-go shop is in Century City Mall.

Toby's Estate 20140614_191702
Black coffee and cookie for me 🙂

I only had black coffee. I remember getting recommendations on our coffees even Phoebe’s when what she wanted would be too burnt because there was a problem with their machine.

Toby's Estate 20140614_194118
Part of the journey of the bean poster

Toby's Estate 20140614_193044

When my colleague (who was also the one who mentioned Bad Bird) made a remark about their Salcedo Village cafe and the food they have, I thought it was a different Toby’s. How could that be, right? Since those (in the above pictures) were all I saw. LOL Well, I want to visit there soon. It turns out the Salcedo Village cafe is their flagship.

Toby’s Estate is also at Fort Bonifacio, Pasig, and SM Aura Premier.

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