Throwback photos + bits of what’s up with me

I haven’t blogged lately that’s not related to makeup. While there are many things I could blog about, I haven’t had any motivation. I would do makeup reviewsas I have been really spending a lot of my money makeup, yet I don’t want to turn this blog into entirely about beauty. I hate to not blog though. I could write about my birthday celebration, which is already overdue, but the video and photos I took are still unedited. So, for now, I have throwback photos from August last year that I didn’t get to publish here, in IG, or anywhere. πŸ˜› And I’ll try to insert bits of what’s happening with me or what I’ve been doing lately. That would make this post less boring, right? πŸ™‚

20150802_090704 Elle & Vire
One of my favorite yogurt brands.

20150802_172529 French Baker Soup
Looking at food makes me hungry

20150802_190026 Everlast Weighted Handwraps
My second option of weighted handwraps.

20150809_172434 Weighted Fitness Gloves
And the one I ended up buying because it’s cheap.

Noticed the new layout of HyukTa.net? I finally came to terms that I don’t have enough time to make layouts, which I’ve been doing for more than 10 years. I was afraid I would forget how to create layouts if I stopped doing so even though I’m quite behind in all the new html stuff.

I’m considering reviving old layouts. Though I won’t be using them anymore, it would only be for an online archive because long gone are the days when many blogs still had colorful or dark blog layouts. I only want an online archive for me and those interested on the layouts since I started this blog.

20150809_172104 Marie
Inside the brown bag were bread, which is a favorite of my dog.

20150809_173319 Marie
For picture purposes, I moved the coffee to make it seem that’s what my dog wanted. πŸ˜€

20150811_152353 Japanese Treat

Our Japanese consultants always have omiyage when they arrive from Japan or Vietnam (or wherever they were last assigned), which keeps me from buying from convenience store for a snack. XD That’s a bit of savings. Earlier this morning, my request for green tea arrived. #happiness

20150812_213718 Saboten
I was too hungry to take a picture before eating, so… Oh wait, this was taken on my birthday! πŸ˜€

20150814_143155 Jardin Mild Coffee
I need more of this, but I want strong coffee.

20150814_185024 Dog at GB3
Doggie got socks!

This post would have been up days ago, but a deadline at work required my assistance. I was at the office over the ‘long weekend.’ It was difficult to squeeze in anything else even noms other than quick (Hootsuite) updates. The deadline was supposedly tomorrow, but it was moved on the 21st. So now I’m taking it a bit easy, while the boss isn’t here yet. Otherwise, it would be riot in the office until the deadline.

20150816_132311 Swiss Army Chocolate
My Aunt’s favorite chocolate.

20150816_202141 Marie
My dog Marie likes to sit or lie down under our dining table.

20150818_192532 Le Sportsac Snoopy
I wanted them all. T_T

One of my Lolos from the US visited, so last night was a reunion of sorts as the family and relatives had dinner at Chateau 1771. We turned the semi-fancy restaurant to a family restaurant. LOL! But we had a very filling meal and dessert. I’ve posted a photo in my Facebook. I have snaps of the food we had. I took better photos of our meal, so I’ll have those up along with some thoughts on Chateau 1771. It was my first time to eat there after all.

20150818_212123 Ragusa Blond
So sweet, but still so good!

20150819_102221 Darvida
Traveled all the way from Switzerland because I didn’t know I had this until I arrived home.

20150821_231631 Green Tea
Love this! But, sadly, it doesn’t seem to be in local groceries.

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I don't know if I'm doing this right.
I don’t know if I’m doing this right.

The following photos were from my survey and interview with a bus operator in Laguna. You’ll see these buses often along EDSA. We asked the chief/manager how many trips they make in a day, maximum number of passengers, and maintenance of buses, among others. I won’t make this boring, but what’s interesting is that the manager mentioned how he’s open to suggestions that will help make more trips in one day and that the number of trips isn’t really enough to keep with the costs, but the number of passengers they get in one day. Of course, if you can make more trips with a full bus, that’s good business.

20150826_092059 HM Transport

20150826_100040 HM Transport

20150826_100149 HM Transport

And the following are the buses from that depot.

20150826_100250 HM Transport

20150826_100334 HM Transport

20150826_100516 HM Transport

I wonder if I’ll live to see the day that Metro Manila is already free from heavy traffic. 😐

20150821_232152 Switzerland Magnets
More for my fridge.

I shared in Twitter and FB about my experience when I was on my way to the MRT from DOTr some weeks ago. I always try to leave early from DOTr and make it to the station before 5:30PM, so I won’t have to deal with long queues and a full train. That one time, someone followed me when I was almost halfway from the station and he kept following even if there were other people around. I knew he was after me because I could hear his steps, which I think he did on purpose. His steps would go faster when I walked fast. When I reached the station, thankfully the boyfriend was there waiting for me, he stopped and stared after I grabbed the boyfriend. I actually checked the police desk first, so they would rid of him but the desk was empty.

20150824_181032 McDonald's Spinach Quiche
Favorite from McCafe next to iced black Americano.

20150825_211149 Marie
My brother and Marie.

I might have posted more throwback photos than updates about me. Well, if my parents and relatives weren’t around, that would be one less paragraph here. πŸ™‚ Since mid-August until today, it has been really busy at work. These busy days are quite rare since the start of the year, so I can’t really complain. But I hate to miss long weekends for work. πŸ™ Anyway, I have listed several things I want to share here like one of my favorites since July, favorite gadgets, and some makeup. I hope I can put them up before the month ends. πŸ™‚

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