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Thoughts on Ajin anime (after seeing 6 episodes)

Nagai Kei was hit by a truck when he crossed a street, preoccupied in thoughts. At that moment did he and the Japanese nation find out he is an Ajin or demi-human.

Ajin are known to be immortal. They have a ‘black ghost’ that can kill by command or act on its own especially if the demi-human has no full control over it. Demi-humans can stop people’s movements for a few minutes through their voice. They are very rare, so they’ve been hunted down to be research on.

I already caught up to episode 6 and I’m already reading the manga. In some way this reminds me of Parasyte, but I find this series better being that the protagonist is different — He shows concern only as a front or if there’s something he can benefit from. He makes decisions not based on his feelings, but what is logical and smart for him. Except that time at the laborary when he was tested and killed several times. There was too much crying! I really disliked that part. I guess it was to show he was still human after all.


I like the character of Seto, but his means to obtain the rights of demi-humans might be too much.

There was a short flashback of young Kei seeing his ‘black ghost.’ It’s clear he has been a demi-human for a long time now. The black ghosts don’t seem to take humans as hosts, but created unbeknownst to the demi-humans. Their origins are still a mystery. For me, that is. I’m still catching up on the manga.

Hard to distinguish, but the ‘black ghost’ bumped its head to another

The characters besides the black ghosts look fully CG similar to Catherine (PS 3). But in this anime, the characters seem to have limited movements and lack emotion.

I read somewhere the anime will only have 13 episodes. That doesn’t seem enough based on how the manga is going. I hope the anime would have a decent ending though.

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