Theme switching, for sale page, and removed ‘for you’

  • Put back the theme switcher. I temporarily removed the previous three themes because I want to clean up their css first. The only other available to switch with is a very old layout when this blog used to be on and I was a huge Ahn Chil Hyun/Kang Ta fan. Ah, those were the days it was hard to find hosting with generous space, bandwidth, allows FTP and PHP, and has no ads.

  • Opened a classifieds/for sale page. Link is included in the menu. Please to look and… Buy? 😀

  • Removed the anime and manga trading and distro site (called “for you”). I’m considering file swap meets because what’s the use of keeping all these media goodies without sharing them? 😉 But I still have to think of how to go about that.

Few updates, but putting up that old layout already took more than a day of my weekend.

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