The shoes arrived at last

My order last October 22, 2012 arrived only three days ago.

AVA had a Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes sale last month. I wasn’t able to order the first time they had the same sale last year. The shoe I wanted then wasn’t available anymore in my size. It was my fault for the nonstop second thoughts. LOL Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Haha~ So when they had this recent sale, no more second thinking and I bought a pair. That was on October 22.

Orders from AVA are shipped three to seven days from date of order. I had hoped it would arrive before the Nov. 1 and 2 holidays, but they sent the following email last October 31 which made me think it was unlikely.

Dear AVA Customer,

Your Melissa order is on the way!

We apologize for the delay in the delivery of your Melissa order. Due to the unexpected massive surge in demand during the Melissa sale, we faced delays in shipment. Yeah, it?s one of those times when crazy traffic makes it hard to fulfill a huge volume of orders. For this, we?re sorry.

Our main priority is, and has always been, to give you the most comfortable premium shopping experience, so we?re working on things that can help us keep up with the ever increasing demand for AVA products.

We are making sure that all orders are shipped out today, October 31, 2012.

The Melissa shoes look amazing and we trust that they?ll be worth the wait.

Nothing arrived. So for a couple of weeks I still waited. I then decided to follow it up via email last Nov. 13. After a couple of emails with them asking my order number and me telling them I was so disappointed, they asked if I wanted a different shoe color instead — black. My disappointment has increased to a huge scale. I told them I prefer what I ordered and should the color I want really be unavailable I will get something else. Not black.

The last email I received was them asking the same thing. I didn’t reply right away. My order was COD, so I could just cancel it. But I really want the shoes. I took the day to think over it. But before I could decide, I received a text message the following day from the courier confirming my shipping information. I confirmed & asked myself why they would send the shoes when I haven’t given any go signal. I was getting frustrated that I didn’t have the motivation to email them, so I let it be.

I arrived home, saw the package and felt partly excited and angry about it. I didn’t open it until the day after.

My first pair of Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes

To my surprise, it was the red pair that I wanted! No wonder they had it shipped without informing me. I wonder what happened that this took more than a month. They didn’t inform me that they found the red pair. Maybe they really had it? They didn’t contact me when there were having problems as if they had no idea there was still a pending order. I might be the only one who had this experience with AVA. Should I order again from them next time, I hope this won’t happen again.

Anyway, pictures of the shoes and me wearing this will be posted when I can. Hm, I thought of what attire would match with this when Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz came to mind. But her’s aren’t as high-heeled as these and I don’t have a blue jumper-like dress. ^^;;;

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