The Obsidian gig

Maru, Reets, and I took ages to get to Obsidian Bar because every damn cab driver didn’t want to go to Ortigas. I’m beginning to think none of them wants to go there at any time of the day. ~_~ I was starting to be frustrated. I did something I shouldn’t have. I’ll leave that story to a private post.

The call time was 7PM. We arrived around 830PM thanks to the awesomest cab drivers in the Metro. ~_~


We met up first with Marco in Starbucks Home Depot then walked to Obsidian Bar. I didn’t expect it’d be all the way at the back of Home Depot near the parking lot. If there was no parking lot near it, only people who know of the place will be the restaurant’s customers. Last night, the only customers were either the bands themselves and the very few friends they dragged along.

The first who performed was:

Big Answer Sound System. I think that?s his name.
Big Answer Sound System. I think that?s his name.
Big Answer Sound System. I think that?s his name. He looks nice even w/ his huge tee. :P
He looks nice even w/ his huge tee. πŸ˜›

I got lazy to take pictures because I was sitting too comfortably while reviewing the songs. πŸ˜› So I just took pictures of the bandmates minus the trumpet player.

Maru with the red eye XD Reets Marco
Red eye Maru, Reets, and DJ Marco

Instead of having 11 bands to play, only 6 confirmed at the last minute. The gig organizer then wanted a long set from each band. He asked 10 songs from us, but we settled with 8 — two of which were unpracticed. I’m glad I still remember the lyrics of those two songs. That proves I’m not that much of a granny yet. *lol*

Some told me I was shy of a singer. I wasn’t really the vocalist, so I didn’t worry much about stage presence. I couldn’t sing out loud the songs we didn’t practice and those I’m not too comfortable yet. Probably one or two more gigs then I’ll be better. I hope. That’s the case with our previous vocalists. πŸ˜› If it were Freak on a Leash, they might regret & complain. *rofl* Also, compared to the other bands’ songs, ours aren’t the shouting sort.

The trumpet player was already drunk and made a mess of himself on stage. Good thing we were still able to play well even if he was like that. One guy from the audience noticed that I was amused at the trumpet player. I smiled, he smiled back… We did that for almost the whole time. He was still smiling at me after the performance and when I went back to our table. I dunno if he wanted to talk to me, but my love called. πŸ˜€ He called right after I sent him an sms that we were done performing. He asked how it went. I told him I felt like I peed because my legs were so wet due to perspiration. WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA~

Marco left minutes after while the rest of us stayed longer for a round of beer and fries. The trumpet player also needed to chill. He got pissed when we couldn’t hear each other & tried to hush the band. 😐 When a band played Love Song which got me shrieking in happiness, he thought I wasn’t too happy and planned on going up the stage to adlib. In other words — sabotage the band. 😐 When kids get drunk rry. *shakes head* He became more pissed & depressed later on because of his wife. We’re not that close to share sensitive topics. So I was surprised when he showed me the conversation they had. @_@ Then for some reason, he figured I was into gurls. I wasn’t even talking about that. Does it show on my face? Nuuu~

Anyway, it was a good night overall. I’m now crossing my fingers that our next big gig will push through. πŸ˜€

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