The miracle from dried mangoes!

This week has just been fun and amazing! But I won’t go through that yet. Here’s my Jars of Clay concert experience last March 31. This has been more than a month overdue.



The day of their concert was full of miracles. 😀

So I met up with Kat right around after lunch that day. Though the concert would start at 7PM, we met up early to buy the dried mangoes that she had mentioned to the band we would give them. My brother was still with us then and he remarked on how we casually chose and bought dried mangoes from the grocery as though sure we would be able to hand them to the band. Another reason we met up early was so we can be early in line. In spite of having tickets for the reserved seats with numbers three and four, that doesn’t guarantee seats with those corresponding numbers. They were merely ticket numbers with first come first serve seats.

Before 3PM we were already at Bonifacio High Street. We passed time as we checked Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross. Cotton On was our last stop before our snack at Starbucks near the concert grounds. Can’t enjoy a concert with an empty stomach, right? 😛 As we headed to Cotton On, the band was already sound checking on stage.


At that point, Kat was already fangirling.

After a purchase at Cotton On, we went to Starbucks. While NOM-ing, there were security guards running with umbrellas and we kidded that it could be a celebrity going to watch the concert and would need to be escorted with umbrellas. lols Then Kat thought that Jars of Clay could be around the area. But what could the umbrellas be for? We left Starbucks after a small emergency 15 to 6PM. Just a few steps from the coffee shop, Kat told me that Jars of Clay was just there. Standing just meters away with a little crowd of women surrounding them. The umbrellas were actually to keep the crowd from getting too close to the band. ^^;;;

We haven’t really discussed how we could give the dried mangoes. That moment was such an opportunity! So we went and Kat talked to them. Then we had pictures with them. Kat went first since she _pushed_ me to take a picture of her with them. LOL! That was fine and understandable. XD When it was my turn, the security guards were already telling the people to go away. LOL Kidding! They just told people that was enough as the band had to go, but the band said, “ONE MORE WITH SHABBY!” Okay, kidding again. Haha! But they did tell the security that they will have one more picture with me. 😀

Happy kiddo with Jars of Clay. I ♥ you guys!

We handed the dried mangoes after the pictures. I feel starstruck all over again as I remember our very short conversation with them. I clearly remember being told “you didn’t have to” when we handed the ‘goods.’ XD; I couldn’t stop grinning and Kat’s fangirling powered up.

That was the first miracle. All because of the dried mangoes. XD


Another miracle occurred as all of us ticket holders were asked to get ahead of everyone and take their seats. We were already in line then. I’m so glad we didn’t have to wait any more. Below is the view of the stage from our initial seats. ‘Initial’ because, a while after, they asked us to move three rows forward. How much more amazingness can happen? 😀

The band was opened by Church Simplified or… Wait, I’m unsure of the band’s name. Sorry!

There’s a very familiar face. Hrhr~

Then it was Jars of Clay. 😀



The reserved seats became pointless when this happened. The band just said the people could stand. Not go near the stage. >_>


They were amazing. So amazing. And so is the mustache. XD

Tea and Sympathy

Crazy Times

That day is one of my highlights for this year. I never ever thought I would actually meet and have a picture with _the_ Jars of Clay that I have been listening to since high school. Aah, memories. 😀 The purchases and time for the tickets were worth it. For those and the blessings in just a single day, thank YOU!

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