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About a month ago, Marsha and I had a massage at The Lotus – My Massage Place. It was a last minute decision to have our full body massage there because most of the places recommended and those I knew of didn’t have a couple’s room (or too expensive). I found out about this spa parlor after a few Google attempts on the night we planned to have a massage. I wonder why I missed this when I was still searching some days before.

We were to have our massage, initially, in their Greenbelt Mansions branch only they couldn’t accommodate Marsha’s request that we have beds side-by-side (they didn’t have a couple’s room). The branch manager requested that we go to the Somerset Hotel branch. He said that they do not have only a couple’s room, but they only had one customer then. That meant another long walk, but we didn’t complain because we know having a massage after the walk would feel really great.
Reception area Reception area
Reception/Entrance of the The Lotus at Somerset Millenium Hotel branch

It was for the best that we got transferred to the other branch even if some of their services are PhP50 more expensive. The receptionist at Greenbelt Mansions was an old woman who had an attitude and were clueless on our inquiries.

The Lotus requires you to change to slippers before you go inside. After that, you are asked to sit at one of those chairs (see picture above) and have your feet soaked in warm water with rocks. If you want the same amazing spa experience at home you can check them out here.

I had the Ventusa (or Ventosa — how it is properly spelled, I don’t know) massage which is the cupping method. This is suggested if you have knots or lamig as known in Filipino. That was my first experience of Ventusa. I should have discovered this place earlier. I wouldn’t have been spending almost the same amount for a mere Shiatsu and Swedish combination massage.

I was scared at first when the cups were placed on my back. The suction was slightly painful. Even when they were moved. I’m unsure of how the Ventusa massage method is, but that’s how my masseuse did it. The massage came with a Shiatsu, btw.I requested to be kneaded and done hard. Hrhr~ The massage took about an hour and half. The suction and marks are worth it. 😛 My back felt so light the following day and the days after. Shutter days were over. Marsha, on the other hand, had the Balinese. He said it felt great, but I don’t think it was the massage he needed.
Couple's room with sauna

We had our second visit last Sunday. Both of us had Ventusa. I asked for the couple’s room, but they still had us use the same bed as our first time there. :/ I want to try the couple’s room. I think I’m going to fall asleep deeply there. LOL

I recommend The Lotus – My Massage Place for the variety of massage they offer and soothing ambience. Their branches are in Makati:
– G/F, Greenbelt Mansions, Perea St., Legaspi Village
– G/F, Somerset Millennium Hotel, Aguirre St., Legaspi Village
– G/F, Sagitarrius Bldg., H.V. Dela Costa, Salcedo Village
– G/F, Vernida IV Bldg., Leviste St., Salcedo Village

Prices of services range from 350 to 550. Please tell them that I recommended them if you go to that branch. They know me by the name of Shabby. 🙂

Pictures taken from The Lotus – My Massage Place’s Facebook Page.

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