The last day of Manila Auto Salon 2010

So Marsha and I went to the last day of Manila Auto Salon which I think I should stop doing so if I want to take decent pictures. There will always be a flock of guys with huge poser dicks and umbrellas around to just piss you off. Heh~

The Manila Auto Salon 2010 was from Nov. 18 to 21. We went on the last day at around 5PM after hours in the parlor. :3 I had my Diana F+ and took more pictures of the girls than the cars even if I wanted to take more of the latter. There just weren’t many that awed me. Yes, I have to make you believe that I’m not there just for the girls. I guess I had huge expectations for this event. There were even fewer girls than the cars. Such disappoint! *shakes head* Twice did we only see guys flocked over the car girls. One was when some girls had a short dance stint and second was Jahziel’s awarding.

My film has not been processed, so I’ll post pictures of those was worth seeing taken by my Marsha. We apologize in advance for the blurriness as he hasn’t gotten used to the camera yet.

Manila Auto Salon 2010 003

Manila Auto Salon 2010 004
One of the few that got me excited in this event — TOY/DISPLAY CARS

Manila Auto Salon 2010 010
We saw a black Camaro from Shangri-La Hotel Makati last Thursday lunch.
The car’s really HOT.

Manila Auto Salon 2010 012

Manila Auto Salon 2010 023 Manila Auto Salon 2010 024
She suddenly popped out of nowhere. ^^;;; Marsha saw her first before I did. I hate being short. 😐

Manila Auto Salon 2010 038
As per Larry, her name is Abby Poblador.

Manila Auto Salon 2010 043
I want one. Even if just for display in my future HUGE garage. LULz~

Manila Auto Salon 2010 046

Manila Auto Salon 2010 052
Imma drive around flooded Manila in this. LULz~ Even though it looks like it would
easily get crushed or just break.

Manila Auto Salon 2010 058
Wanna be _nursed_? >)

Manila Auto Salon 2010 084
Jahziel during her awarding for something.

The whole set can be found here.

I suddenly miss my guitar. πŸ™ /random

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