The Labor Day long weekend

>_> I couldn’t think of a better title. Also, it has taken me a week to finish this entry. ~_~

I have a (self) deadline today in regards to work, yet I’m procrastinating and blogging. XD; We had another long weekend due to Labor Day. I can’t say it was a productive weekend for me, though I was able to accomplish some things online. XD; I really should get around to doing “offline stuff” like cleaning my room. ^_^V

After finishing some quick tasks, I went with the family to WB. My Dad wanted to sort files in his office. My brother and I helped a bit then left to do quick window-shopping at The Podium. Brother wanted to look for toy car models. :3 I had scheduled a full-body massage and soms dinner with Phoebe and Jan after that. FUNTIMES! We rushed home because my friends were waiting and parents were expecting a guest. I readied my stuff quickly as soon as I got home. The massage was so great that I fell asleep and even drooled. BWAHAHAHAHAHA~ XDDD

Shabbydoo, Phoebe, and Jan
My big fez X_X

So yeah, we had dinner at soms after the massage. The girls kept telling me to sit properly, etc. because I forget I was wearing a skirt. *lol* It was Capone’s after dinner just to check on Pow and their friends. :3 Look at what we saw inside A.Venue’s elevator:



We went home after a (free lulz~) round of beer because of our baby. XD;

Tentacle Ecstasy (temporary name since we couldn’t think of anything better; research if you wanna know why and what it is) had its second practice on the late Saturday afternoon. Lemme share with you, first, sir lemonkalbo’s picture of us during first practice.

Tentakol Ecstasy!
Ok, I cropped myself off. *lol*

Second band practice went well. We learned two more songs; one of which is very challenging. I’m thinking if I should go Catatonia-ish on it. Good luck to me! XD; Studio we rehearsed at is better than the first one except it’s smaller. Friends who would watch would enjoy though. There are two couches and a lot of magazines including FHM. XDDD I told Jan about it and I think she’s excited. The FHM was enough as bait. WAHAHA~ Ringside was part of our itinerary, but Maru decided we postpone it when there would a lot of us going. -_- Man, I had cameras ready.

We went to St. Clare’s on Sunday morning. After breakfast, it was the usual grocery and a bit of window-shopping. I finally got to buy the swimsuit I wanted weeks ago. LULz~ Seems like I won’t be wearing it anytime soon though. -_-

If you’re wondering how this weekend went, it’s made of BLAH except for the Friday night when K. Wasabi had its practice. Gad did I miss my sons! *lol* I can’t wait to see them again for more LULz~

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