The girls with my Minmei

I asked my ‘rents to drop off my films at Digiprint last weekend. For the last two or three batches of films, Digiprint has delivered them after four days. But, surprisingly, this batch was delivered in two day! šŸ˜€ I got them early, but I still took time to organize them. LOL I also haven’t uploaded everything yet. ^^;;; I’ll show first those from the two Saturday nights with the lovely girls. šŸ˜€

These are from the dinner and drinks with Joiz, Jey, and Phoebe at Henry’s and Casa Marcos last April 30:

[singlepic id=526 w=500]


[singlepic id=527 w=500]


[singlepic id=528 w=250] [singlepic id=529 w=250]

Some meat and ice cream pandesal :9

[singlepic id=530 w=500]

[singlepic id=531 w=500]

I like that I still look young here HAHA~

[singlepic id=532 w=500]

[singlepic id=533 w=500]

[singlepic id=534 w=250] [singlepic id=535 w=250]

Mini pandesal

[singlepic id=536 w=500]


[singlepic id=537 w=500]


[singlepic id=538 w=500]

Hi kitty kitty =^.^=

I got a cleavage shot by accident. But I won’t share and even tell whose cleavage. LOL I shouldn’t have bothered mentioning it, huh? >D Next are from the early dinner with Jan and Phoebe. That was also the night Jan & I watched 2NE1. šŸ˜› I still used Minmei, but with a ringflash.

[singlepic id=539 w=500]

[singlepic id=540 w=500]

[singlepic id=541 w=500]

[singlepic id=542 w=500]

“Avoid close contact with sick people”

[singlepic id=543 w=500]

Ice cream pandesal again

[singlepic id=544 w=500]

[singlepic id=545 w=500]

[singlepic id=546 w=500]

[singlepic id=547 w=500]

Cerveza Negra, my fave dark lager

[singlepic id=548 w=500]

I’m getting the hang of Minmei. I’m happy with the pictures. No wasted exposures (if that’s how it’s called)! ♥ šŸ˜€ I’m also liking the ringflash.

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