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The flight back

Suddenly he stopped the car and looked directly into my eyes.

No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone’s eyes. And any woman with the least bit of sensitivity can read the eyes of a man in love.

I wonder. How does the eyes of a man in love look like?

Backlog! UGH~ I hate it when this happens. ๐Ÿ˜› To those who dunno yet, I got back last January 2 from the US. The vacation was fun, exhausting, thrilling, and expensive. lulz~ We visited a bunch of places like the Iwo Jima monument, White House, Kennedy Space Center, and Ringling Museum. I wanted to see Daytona and Miami, but they’re both far and out of the way. We did a number of shopping as well. I’m not that great with self-control, but I tried! *rofl* I’m too lazy to take pics of my loot as most of them were already hidden away. LOLz~ I got myself an iPod Touch as a Christmas gift, VS pannies, Bath & Body Works personal shit (in super unbelievable low prices), more VS pannies, Nine West and Fossil accessories, boots ♥, high-heeled sandals, and a DS game. I forgot what else. XD; It sucks I didn’t get to visit Hot Topic. I would have bought another (wearable) short skirt. ๐Ÿ˜›

The flight back was a pain. The service of the airline from Detroit to Japan (and then to Manila) was crap. >_> Being back in Manila felt like I’m back in hell. Okay, “hell” is an exaggeration. It’s just that the people I’ve encountered in the airports of Detroit, Virginia, and Florida are respectful. But here in Manila? Geebuz~ Staff aren’t that friendly to foreigners. They shout when they speak in English. Obviously, they’re poor in that language. They shouldn’t be working there. ~_~ People also keep blocking the way especially the romp in the pick-up area. When we saw our ride, I went ahead of my family and asked the people if they can kindly move. There was even an old man in a wheelchair. I wouldn’t want to think what could happen if someone accidentally pushed him to the driveway.

My parents had a small fight with an old couple (prolly). When they were asked not to block the way, they got mad. My Dad asked them, “Did you go to school? You can see for yourself that you’re in the way!” The two went quiet. Two security guards were telling my Mom to calm down. My Mom said they should do something about those people. In other words, DO THEIR JOB. One of ’em security asked what happened. My Mom and I explained then that person goes, “You should tell them that yourselves.” I WANTED TO SEE HIS BOSS, SO I CAN ASK FOR THAT MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT TO BE FIRED. He doesn’t have to work there if he can’t do his fucking job. @$$wipe. >_<

I went to work right away after that weekend. Boss Atty. was so surprised I was already in the office. She thought I won’t be back until the 10th. *lol* The days in the office felt slow since the year started. I have a lot of pending work and I haven’t gotten around to 90% of them. XDDD;

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