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The first night in NY

So I’m posting pictures from my US vacation in 2011 amongst those from my recent trip. πŸ˜› I could have posted this along with my New York posts from before (here or here), but I only saw these again while going through photos in my old phone.

2011-0911 New York 001
Landed in NY!

But it took a while before we arrived at the gate. I thought we would already be touring New York while in the plane.

2011-0911 New York 002
Big airport is BIG.

The JFK airport, or the part I’ve seen, is smelly and almost as dirty as NAIA1.

Relatives there had us experience Filipino food somewhere in New York’s Filipino community that night we arrived.

Sago't gulaman in #NewYork #iPhone #foodporn

2011-0911 New York 006

A taste of pork sisig in #NewYork #foodporn #iPhone

I forgot the name of the Filipino restaurant we went to. I only remember they had plastic cups, plastic water jug, thin-steel spoon and forks that you know may bend with a light bite — Typical of a Pinoy carinderia.

2011-0911 New York 004
Seems they opened another resto

I’ve been to numerous Japanese restaurants in the US with either Chinese or Korean chefs. In my recent trip, my Aunt brought me to Miyagi, a Japanese restaurant in VA. They had Tekka Don which is my favorite and I thought was the safest order (I’m not a fan of cooked Japanese food). In spite of a lot of choices in their menu, they didn’t have what I wanted which were takoyaki and onigiri. I thought I just couldn’t find either in the menu and when I saw what looked like takoyaki from another table, I asked the waitress for it. They didn’t know what it is. The restaurant is owned and run by Koreans, so that could be why. But still…

2011-0911 New York 003
Saw this in the Pinoy restaurant; I’m so glad there weren’t such performances in the Six Flags I went to. Haha~ *ninja*

2011-0911 New York 008
Moholia! I should open a Filipino restaurant somewhere in the US. XD

2011-0911 New York 009

2011-0911 New York 010

I thought of visiting NY during the recent trip as it is only 6 six hours by bus away from DC. But I thought it was too soon to visit. There was a sudden snow storm even, so it’s good we didn’t consider the idea anymore.

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