(the defeaning silence)

FUCK THE SCHOOL FAIR. *sniff* I’m so depressed now. I should be happy yet the events didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen. So, here I am now…depressed over what-seems-to-be a petty thing. *sigh* I wanna talk to Pebbles. Waaaaah…or even Korky. ;_; I’ll share the whole story when I already feel like it. It prolly won’t be posted here though. I don’t know yet.

Spoz said, “and some problems really doesnt have a solution and it will find a solution all by its self in due time

It’s weird ‘coz my problem doesn’t even have a beginning nor an end. XP Crap.

I got to update my anime list and the blog archives. Be sure to check them out if you have the time.

Googlism for: hyukta

hyukta is that it’s just about beauty
hyukta is woo hyuk x kang ta and so on
hyukta is all about beauty and beauty
hyukta is anyone’s guess
hyukta is bad

What do they mean “all about beauty?” I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I suppose I’m being _slow_ tonight due to the events earlier. Back to that problem, I talked to Burigs earlier and she told me not to let go of HIM and just let go of the other one. I didn’t understand at first. The guy doesn’t even know my name. All he knows is my face…NO DOUBT. ;_______; Don’t you hate it when you finally get the chance yet you’re body wouldn’t cooperate with your mind???

Googlism for: hyukkie

hyukkie is my hero
hyukkie is a darling
hyukkie is a package of sleeping powder

Googlism for: kang ta

kang ta is my teacher
kang ta is definitely another smash hit in 2002
kang ta is rather into developing his own color that could also be loved by people
kang ta is #1
kang ta is known for being crossed with hee jun so it breaks the already tradiational couples
kang ta is a girl???
kang ta is going to be a policeman
kang ta is two years younger than hyesung
kang ta is very hardworking on the compositions of the songs “everytime i compose a song
kang ta is definitely cuter
kang ta is taking a walk on the beach with his cute doggie
kang ta is the first to release his solo debut among the five ex
kang ta is handsome
kang ta is having some throat problem
kang ta is good friends with singer lee ji
kang ta is known as a messy writer
kang ta is a really nice person and now i know why
kang ta is surely a smash hit for summer
kang ta is back with his second solo album entitled ?four seasons
kang ta is my favorite member
kang ta is fuqin hoooot
kang ta is going to work with nick carter?
kang ta is such a hottie
kang ta is one of the most popular members in hot and for all i know
kang ta is my favoutite>

Maki!! Woo Hyuk is soO HOT in the MTV Asia Awards! wo0t! XDD He definitely made me smile for a bit then after their performance…XP I’m back to my depressed state again. I wish I could go with my mom and relatives at the casino to keep my mind off things. *sigh*