The Crumpler Flock of Horror

It was about time I get a bag I could use daily for work or any day with which I could bring a laptop or tablet and camera with. I have been using an expensive designer bag for daily use. I can’t really afford to do that. Besides, it can only fit very few of what I like to bring on a daily basis. So I did some research (which includes reading through Carryology) and settled on choosing from my preferred brands — Eastpak, Crumpler, and Herschel. Eventually, I decided to get the Crumpler Flock of Horror:

Crumpler Flock of Horror 001

The Flock of Horror has four storage zones — zippered main compartment, inner pocket also zippered, back compartment for a tablet or Macbook Air, and front zippered pocket. The back compartment is meant for the iPad or any tablet, but it can also fit my Macbook Air 11″ (that I named Thomas). That was my primary concern at first because I know there would be times I would need my laptop. The salesladies tried with a Macbook Air sleeve to show me that it would fit, but they put it in the main compartment. I still went ahead with the purchase since I thought it was just my Dante I would bring often. As soon as I went home, I tested fitting my Thomas in the back compartment because that’s where I really want to put my laptop and, whaddya know, it does fit! More ♥ for the bag. πŸ˜€

The bag is very much padded and has soft lining which keeps gadgets getting scratched and provides form to the bag. It has a fold top with clasp that adds extra security to the main compartment. Yet there’s also the option for quick access to your belongings. There are times I forget to close the zipper when I’m in a hurry, but thank goodness for the clasp, my things are still secure. Its shoulder strap is adjustable with removable padding which provides comfort when you have a lot of shit in your bag. It’s not non-slip though.

Crumpler Flock of Horror 002

On my first use, I brought a pair of shoes, my huge wallet, a book, power bank, cosmetic case, pocket Moleskine, mobile phone, Dante, and an Actionsampler Flash. They all fit in the bag! But that required me to not use the fold top. That was still alright. It was awesome I could put a lot in it. The Haven (S) also fits in it.

Crumpler Flock of Horror 003

What’s lacking with this bag is a bottle holder pocket. That’s a must for me when I choose a bag, but the design of this Flock of Horror had me forgiving it for the lack of that. πŸ˜›

I have been using this bag very often. It even got rained on too, but there’s still no sign of much use. πŸ˜€ The bag had me spend more than I should, but you get what you pay for with Crumpler.

The Flock of Horror was released only late last year. It’s still pretty much available in all our local Crumpler stores afaik. πŸ˜‰


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