The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Desto

Besides having a home-brewed coffee, another of my celebrating this International Coffee Day is to _show off_ (hrhr) my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Desto machine. It’s a single cup espresso, coffee, and tea machine in one!

20150523_004556 CBTL Desto

This is a gift from my number one fanboyfriend. 😀

20150523_011548 CBTL Desto

This has been in my wish list for a long time now, so I’m glad CBTL had a promo for this for half a price. I was truly ecstatic that my boyfriend bought this since I was really running low on funds. WEEEEEE~

20150523_011617 CBTL Desto

It was worth the rush to and the heat in the CBTL branch with very poor air-conditioning. ^^;;;

20150523_011759 CBTL Desto

Our first drinks with this is Vienesse coffee and Chai. The boyfriend enjoyed the Chai although it’s too strong so he mixes it with honey. The Vienesse tastes like any other regular capsule coffee for some reason. I have to try other brews.

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