The almost forgotten Oreo Get Dunked!

Kat and I at the Oreo Get Dunked! event
Thanks, Ryan, for the picture. 😀

Before I go on to the topic of this post, I would like to announce that DEFTONES WILL HAVE A CONCERT HERE IN MANILA ON FEB. 12, 2011. Ohohoho~ See proof of this unbelievable news:

Deftones' website

Let’s zoom in XDDD

Mr. Moreno, we’ll be seeing each other soon. XD

I am going through my events backlog. There were several events that took place since months ago that I haven’t written about yet. I need to start listing them down because I think I lost track of them all. DX Anyway, the Oreo Get Dunked! was held last August 29, 2010 in Megamall. Ryan extended an invitation to some Plurk contacts yet only Kat and I were available at the time. We might be the only ones with too much time then. LOL


Yeah! for dark shots. XD;

011 012

Ryan, why do you look so scary? *ninja*

Kat and I arrived before Ryan. When we first saw the Oreo Get Dunked! activity grounds, we wondered if there was really a bloggers’ event. There were about 99% families. Having bloggers around seemed out of place. LOL Unsure of what to do, we strolled around Megamall to look for a place to eat. Ryan’s arrival was just right on time because the bloggers were actually in a restaurant just near the event. (Sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant.)

007 008 009

I was very famished, so I NOM NOM’d a lot and almost wanted to doggie bag food. ^^;;; After talking to some bloggers and organizers, we were energized enough to do the Oreo activities and games.


Pretty girl at registration table

(Jejemons were all over her.)



Velcro-d Oreo kids 😛


Kat and a huge fakeOreo


The Sticky Darts was challenging, I tell you. I lost!


Huge Holga-looking camera

The Oreo Get Dunked! event is a celebration for having the 5-peso Oreo Snack Pack along with other Oreo line of snacks. The celebration included, as you have seen, a number of activities including the Human Oreo where kids and adults dressed up as milk or cookies can stick themselves in a huge Velcro wall. There were also Face Painting, Find a Word game, and Sticky Darts game. Winning in either games will get you snack packs.

This is how the Human Oreo/Velcro wall looked like:

Mock Human Oreo

That looked so fun, yet we weren’t able to try it due to a long line of mostly kids. I think the kids deserve to try that more than we oldies do. 😛

The milk and Oreo mascots eventually came up on stage.



He doesn’t look much of an Oreo here. ^^;;;


Check out that milk ‘do. XD

I like to have my picture taken with mascot/s, but I never got to have one with them. Kat and Ryan were lucky though to have a picture with Domokun!


If that fitted in my bag, I would have taken it home.

I’m grateful to Ryan for invitation as well as the event organizers for the fun and lotsa free Oreo. Marsha, officemates, and I are happy people. Hrhr~

Before we adjourned, we had dessert at Cocktales courtesy of Ryan’s gc.


My stomach was tired more than my legs and feet were.

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