That walk where I got sunburns

After weeks of procrastinating in going to Digiprint, my brother and I finally had our films processed last week. It has taken me a few days to sort through them though. *lol* It was another Intramuros walk. Though most of us have been there a lot of times (especially me and Maru since we both used to study in Mapua Intramuros), I thought it would be a good opportunity to those who haven’t or were not given a chance to shoot there before. Those who took part of the small walk last July 11 are Kara, Tristan, Marco, Maru, and Joiz. We started at 10AM (it was supposedly 8 or 9AM haha~) and ended by 2PM. I was kinda tired from the walking, but what’s worse is getting a sunburn. My arms are dark and red up to where my sleeves were. Since I was also wearing boots, well, you get the idea. ~_~ It looks fugly and this would take months before my true complexion is back. Ugh~

BBF shots here

… And the rest of Vivitar IC100 shots

What really got me hyped up about this shoot is being able to eat again in the ROCKERS CARINDERIA. *lol* The waiters do not sport the rocker look anymore, but they still give that rocker vibe. It’s been ages since the last I’ve been there which makes me even miss eating there with the EnSE Rodents.


  • Tim

    Hey Shabby, just passing by your blog.

    Thanks for the pictures, they brought back a lot of memories. I remember going through the historic “rizal’s footsteps in fort santiago”.

    I visited the place at night few years ago and had a chat with a guardia sibil. Apparently, there were many suspicious activities that happen on the “walls” both man made and paranormal.

  • Shabby

    Hello Tim! Thanks for checking my blog. ^_^ Yes, there are more guardia sibil now because of things going on there. It’s also why people can only visit the walls up to 6 or 7PM… To prevent suspicious activities. πŸ˜›

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