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That stormy day in Bolinao

Almost a couple of weeks after my birthday last year, friends and I went to Bolinao. We availed a for-five Puerto del Sol one day stay and use of amenities that was about less than 1K. I forgot. Anyway, Jan and my brother couldn’t go so it was only me, Joiz, and Kat. We still had fun though.

We slept through the ride to Bolinao. XD; The fun began when we arrived and the weather got really bad. There was a typhoon at the time. That kept us from the kayak. If we pushed through with that, we would have ended probably in Palawan in a blink of an eye. LOLs Because of the circumstance, we mostly had to stay indoors but it was alright in spite of the disappointment brought by that resort. I’ll save the rant in another blog.

[singlepic id=924 w=500]
Joiz and Kat — Probably pissed as we were forced to stay for a night

[singlepic id=925 w=500]
Entrance pathway to the front office of Puerto del Sol

[singlepic id=926 w=500]

[singlepic id=927 w=250] [singlepic id=928 w=250]
Swimming pool

[singlepic id=929 w=500]
Joiz doing the V sign and Kat with her finger almost blocking us πŸ˜›

[singlepic id=934 w=500]
View from our room’s door

[singlepic id=936 w=500]
Lap Love? O_o

[singlepic id=939 w=500]
Breakfast buffet

[singlepic id=945 w=500]
“We bringS you closer to nature.”

[singlepic id=946 w=500]
*insert caption here*

[singlepic id=949 w=500]

[singlepic id=953 w=500]
Looking for souvenirs before we head to the bus station

[singlepic id=955 w=500]
Another stop before going to the bus — an old church

Joiz and I had a short swim in the pool before it started to rain bad. We still tried to, but it seemed there was no difference being underwater and not. Heh. The best thing we did there was the outdoor jacuzzi. Next were the marathon of Back to the Future movies. πŸ˜€

The sun was out the following morning, so we were able to leave Bolinao as planned. By afternoon, it rained near halfway the trip which made it a bit tough for me because it’s bad news for my bladder when I get cold or chilly. We had a single stop then it was straight to Manila. We dropped off at Makati for late dinner and to go through our expenses. I was home before midnight.

I may not really like Puerto del Sol, but being with the two usual suspects made the trip worth it and enjoyable. Laugh trip pa yung konduktor at bus driver nung pauwi namin. XD;

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