TAYA-KUN!!! *mwaaaahhh* :DDD i dunno

TAYA-KUN!!! *mwaaaahhh*

:DDD i dunno why i’m happy today…prolly because i’ve been lookin’ at too many taya pics + vids. eheheheeh~ anywayz, i got class in 2 hours. i’m still at home and haven’t taken a shower yet. *snickers* i just gotta finish this enter the dragon (jtl) mv. only a few minutes left to d/l. ^_^ i can’t wait to see it!

i hafta finish fixing maii things. ^^ i’m glad we don’t have p.e. today. there’s finally an advantage to those still enrolling in maii uni because they’re using the gym. *sweatdrop* you know why an advantage? because they’re just over-populating the school and we could hardly fit in. -_-;;;

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