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I went to bed early, so I’m up early as well. Yesterday’s tasks shall be completed today or another day. Now I should clean my brushes, but before that, here are updates of this site if anyone else cares.

  • I have updated my WordPress to the latest 3.8! UI is better and more pleasant to look at. And with the updated Jetpack, I can remove some plugins.
  • HyukTa.net is now mobile phone-friendly. I tested only on the S3 and iPhone4, but I’m sure there will be no loading problems with other mobile phones. Tablet users will still see my desktop layout though. I tried to create a responsive theme to no avail. So, tablet users, no choice but to deal with my large screens-suited layout.
  • I removed the linked tags and tag page due to abuse. Now those are back.
  • The gallery has been protected for a while. Instead of re-opening it, I created a photoblog for my film photographs. Please visit and follow at photoblog.hyukta.net.
  • Contact Me page have been updated. The form now uses a new script.

I know I’m doing this very slowly unlike years ago when I can finish a layout completely in a single day or less.

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