Mutant Girl Squad

Sugimoto Yumi is a gravure idol who has been in some drama series and the sentai series Engine Sentai Go-onger. Last month, her movie Mutant Girl Squad (Sento Shojo: Chi no Tetsu Kamen Densetsu) premiered. She plays Rin whose arms mutated on her 16th birthday. Mutant Girl Squad is the likes of Robogeisha. Actually, one […]

Yumi Sugimoto’s first music single

Yumi Sugimoto is one of my favorite gravure idols. I have been following her (not the stalking kind obviously) since late 2008 and seen her 100 Scene no Koi. She started her singing career this year. Suprise, surprise! *lol* Oh well, at least that’s way better than moving on to a pr0n career. 😐 Before […]