Before anything else…

… Here’s a list of the things I’m grateful for: Exhausting but successful Resilient Metro Manila workshop and press conference with Arup Manila and Arup Hongkong. Meeting and working with people from Arup and Makati City ICRD Dinner at Prince Albert with Arup and Makati City Government officials. It’s my first time to eat there […]

Makati Grand Parade 2010

Friday, June 11, was a really long and tiring day. It was slow for the rest in the office because they were busy preparing for the parade. Banner from Councilor/Mayor-elect Jun-Jun’s office Taken by Doy who’s not yet friends with my camera LOL

Yotsuba Saturday and the week after

Another weekend’s here and I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about last weekend after telling myself throughout the week that I should. *facepalms* Anyway, before another backlog… Seems like I’m going to be spending most of my weekends with friends to keep my mind busy. It’s always thoughts during “the end of the day” […]

First quarter school inspections

A few months ago, the Clean and Group group had the first quarter school inspections. Our team was in charge of the District 2 schools with 17 in total: 01 – Guadalupe Viejo Elementary School 02 – San Jose Elementary School 03 – Nemesio I. Yabut Elementary School 04 – Pitogo High School 05 – […]

Why goofing off boosts productivity

Goofing off doesn’t sound good. Prolly “taking a break” is better. Here are eight additional reasons why I think Internet slacking boosts productivity. 1. The subconscious mind keeps working. Unlike physical labor, which stops when the worker stops, the mind keeps working on mental tasks when you’re not thinking about them. This powerful process of […]

Videcon’s over! WEEE~ + RICKY! :D

So John Legend’s gonna have a concert on the 26th. D: I’m not a big fan, but I like one of his songs. :3 Let’s make love Let’s go somewhere they might discover us Let’s get lost in lust XDDD Last week was intense. Work-wise. Days and nights were spent working on climate change. If […]

I has tired legs

Too much walking yesterday. Thank goodness ankle cooperated. XD; I told Jan we’d go to Greenhills between 9:30AM-10:30AM, but I had to add more information in the climate change speech which took me long. Jan then had to go to the office to escape the wrath of her father *lol* and wait for me. ^_^V […]

Getting old + Disney meme

So I’m taking a quick break from climate change papers. I read from chochajin’s blog that unless you’re a native speaker of English, you won’t be able to teach the language in Japan. A certification will be needed that you studied English in a university. I’m not too sure on the full details, but I […]

Late post is late lulz~

WTF. I didn’t know I still had this in my drafts! This was around the weekend after Dec. 3. Publishing this since I pity my braincells that worked on this and for the lulz~ >_> For some reason, I felt happy yesterday. Probably because I can afford to buy bottles and bottles of beer again. […]