Throwback at Makati Youth Home

When I used to work at Makati LGU, we had a guest from Colombia who wanted to know how the city government deals with students’ during and after school activities and the out of school youth. I assisted him in his research. He interviewed the social welfare department and the mayor’s office iirc. With my […]

Throwback photos + bits of what’s up with me

I haven’t blogged lately that’s not related to makeup. While there are many things I could blog about, I haven’t had any motivation. I would do makeup reviewsas I have been really spending a lot of my money makeup, yet I don’t want to turn this blog into entirely about beauty. I hate to not […]

FBF!: Urban Heritage Conservation Seminar

I remember this seminar not only because I got to organize it for visiting students of Yokohama City University, but because I had an accident the night prior. My knees were badly wounded. My right ankle twisted. It hurt so bad that it was difficult not to cry manly tears. I mentioned a few times, […]