A birthday wish list

I know I’m late, but I have found it difficult to stay awake past 11PM ever since a couple of weeks ago. After dinner I would usually talk to my Mom until around 10PM then I would be too lazy to do anything afterwards. I don’t want to open Thomas (my Air) anymore after being […]

Another birthday wish list

In less than 24 hours, it will be my happy happy birthday. Imma whip up another b-day wish list. šŸ˜€ Peanuts: A Golden Celebration Star Wars Darth Vader Scale Helmet Pink Breast Cancer Edition Paul Frank figure Star Wars LED Torch (I want the Darth Vader more than the trooper.) “Grow Your Own Sunflowers” SwiftKey […]

Wish list for Christmas 2011

I wanted to skip my wish list for this year. I changed my mind because a sweet lady in the office granted one of my wishes. I was very happy when I opened her gift for me during our office’s Christmas party. Online friends Larry, Tin, and Kat posted theirs and that urged me more. […]

My birthmonth, my birthday

Last year, on my birthday, I remember waking up early inspired and motivated. Today was a bit different. I did wake up early, but my eyes were still heavy and tired. So I went back to sleep. Dad woke me up probably an hour after to ask if I would ride with him to work. […]

Christmas 2010 wish list

I only remembered to make a wish list thanks to Kat and Joiz. šŸ˜€ Though I do have my “lifetime wish list” here, most in it seems too much to ask for. šŸ˜› So I’m going to narrow down and let’s see if at least one will be given to me this Christmas. *crosses fingers* […]

Happy Birthday, Shabby! :D

I usually have download goodies for everyone on my birthday, but I got nothing this time. Sorry! ^^;;; I have mixed feelings about my birthday this year. Anyway, I have prepared a wish list which is composed of really cheap things or food. Like I always say, I’m too easy to please. šŸ˜‰ 3 Pieces […]

BEERday gurl’s wishlist hihi~

Pili nuts — to start the solo BEERday celebration. *lol* Pili nuts with honey~ There’s nothing much to post yet about the BEERday as it hasn’t gone past half the day. Anyway, here’s the celebrant’s wish list: McDonald’s hotfudge sundae — THANK YOU, NAIKA! McDonald’s LARGE! French fries Strawberries Oranges šŸ˜€ Taho Keroro Gunsou plushies […]