Sleepless weekend

I was up Saturday night to Sunday morning as I watched the boyfriend and his friends play Love Letter. I think I used up all my energy until Monday evening when I really shut down after dinner. šŸ˜ Since I stopped bringing my Mac Air to the office, I couldn’t blog (or anything else nonwork-related) […]

Another Japanese dindins with friends

I have a valid excuse for not being able to post yesterday or for Gratitude Mondays — My website (or probably the server) was loading too slow. That’s not even the first time, but already several times since I switched hosts. My home connection might be a cause too, but I need to experiment further […]

A Satur-date with Drew and Kat

I remember there were talks of having a Christmas get-together. I don’t think it went how we had initially wanted and this was sort of last minute, but being together was what matters. It was great that Kat came back to Manila even for a couple of days. Only Drew and I could make it […]