Gratitude Mondays: November 23

I’m aware that I missed last week’s Gratitude Mondays. I was exhausted from the weekend, so I felt like skipping tasks thereafter. Anyway, I’m not going to miss today’s gratitude post. šŸ™‚ The reasons I was busy last weekend was, first, because of the Abaddon (Manila) Anomaly last Nov. 14. Similar to last year’s anomaly, […]

Gratitude Mondays: November 9

Only a few days ago did I realize that I forgot last week’s Gratitude Mondays post. I was still in Bangladesh then. Time there felt so slow because we’ve been to so many places, I’ve accomplished some writing, yet it would always still be earlier than I thought it would be. Well, I may have […]

Gratitude Mondays: October 5

Gratitude Mondays is a new series in the blog. Well, not-so-new since I did do gratitude logs until I couldn’t stay committed to it. I’ve been meaning to get back to my online gratitude journal, but it felt like I would be doing multiple posts of the same topics. So here’s Gratitude Mondays that will […]

Birthday, board games, and MRT adventures

Since the other day I’ve been so exhausted and annoyed. The couple of nights’ sleep hasn’t been enough. I’ve been itching to smoke even, but my laziness and not wanting my hair to smell of cigarette smoke is keeping me from doing so. I’m getting cranky that I’m hating myself. So now I’m trying to […]


Let’s welcome this New Year with a dance. šŸ˜€ *cues _your_ choice of dance music* It’s that time again to reflect on how my year was. When 2013 started, I had no resolutions, plans, expectations, or anything of such. There was only one thing in my mind — 2013 WILL BE MY YEAR. Of course, […]